Come Visit Trump's Mar-a-Lago Florida Theme Park!


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH you will find your MAR-A-LAGO theme park map and guide for your day at the Trumpiest Place on Earth!



I know it’s a theme park, because my head is spinning and I think I’m gonna barf.


They’re busy blaming Obama for the FBI investigation, or marveling at the idea that Hillary was even more corrupt, because they can not give that idea up…


And have you guys heard how big the crowds were at his inauguration?!


I’m still calling it “Merde-a-Lago” for now.


I don´t think it beats Ponypark Slagharen.


I’d pay a virtual visit via a go-pro fixed to the end of a big bodacious bomb falling toward it.


You whippersnappers and your confounded technology. Why in my day we did it this way:


We’re on the same wavelength; Slim Pickens popped into my head also!


I will be very cross with anyone who destroys this historic piece of architecture for any reason, let alone in order to make Pence President. Don’t blame the building for its owner.


Pssst. My fantasy scenario would take place when he was there. 'Nuff said.




Nope. Da Rump.


If only we could get SCPOTUS45(*) to stay in the Weekday Mar-a-Lago, formerly known as “The White House”, for the entire week so we might save a little more money.


It’s going to be interesting when Disney does the hall of president auioanamatronic of Trump.
The HoP is closed now…while their working on the new show. Will Trump speak? We don’t know.


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