Comedian Jena Friedman jests: 'treat Nazis like we treat women'


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To paraphrase the old saying: “Antifa-phobia is the fear that antifa will treat you the way you treat women.”


OP video is region-locked for me, but this version works (for now):


Thanks for the working link!

And yes, that’s pretty dang funny.


Amazingly Funny and precise


It’s funny because it’s true. Oh, gods, it’s true. /sobs


“They will never become President…again.” Missed opportunity.


She’s great! Really good timing, and I like how she trusts that her audience will be smart enough to connect various dots. Also nice to see someone joke effectively, with a good satiric bite, about these things.


Won’t show across the border in Canada. :confused:

So here:


So funny and so painful at the same time.


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