Comedian Russell Brand accused of being serial rapist with 16-year-old among victims

Whoever would’ve guessed that someone who was a public fan of ‘The Game’, and discussed his interest in pick-up artistry numerous times would turn out to have done some shady shit?


Given how Brand has previously acted on air about sexual matters, it’s hardly surprising that he turns out to be predatory in private:

I hope this goes straight to the police, and we get a full investigation and trial. Hopefully the publicity will hold the Met’s feet to the fire and we actually get some action on these crimes, unlike in some other cases of famous people.


I think he was always an asshole.

I first noticed him in 2011, when he said some things critical of Scientology. However, something about him seemed off, an enema of my enemy.


Ugh, guess it’s time for a new hashtag:

#You Too, Muthafucka?!?


Succinctly put, though I will add that for some successful fame-for-fame’s-sakers, mentally they reach a point where they cannot lose, as being notorious is far better than being a nobody. As I see it, current mass media technology provides the means for some egocentric personalities to (perversely)glory in their own possible downfalls.


I don’t think that turning a blind eye to creepers because they are “doing good things” (at least to people who share their notion of a “good thing”) is the sole province of any political stripe. See: Trump, Gaetz, Musk, etc. ad nauseum.


I don’t think he has ever been found guilty of “comedy”.


I know, but I was talking about the left in context of Brand’s earlier left wing views and association with Jeremy Corbyn. Sometimes recognising our failings helps us move forward.

I dream of a society where I would be guillotined as a conservative.

Pierre-Joseph Proudhon, mutualist theorist.

We wouldn’t execute Proudhon now, but we would have things to say about his sexism and anti-semitism.


There’s a non-paywall version of the Sunday Times story at:

WARNING. It is a horrific story, full of the most appalling details. Please don’t read it if you have in any way been affected by the sort of abuse Brand is accused of.

Despite a huge number of independent sources for the story and months of investigation by two major news gathering teams, Brand has already been publicly supported by Elon Musk and Andrew Tate.

And then the fucker went on stage in London tonight.

Let’s hope the police on either side of the Atlantic now investigate.


Dismal to watch Elon chime in with his, “yeah, bro” conspiracy-mongering defense.
It’s to the point that any asshole can claim victimhood to any vague conspiracy and Musk will give his brief note of support. I figure it’s only a matter of time 'til he starts supporting the Flat Earthers and reshaping his SpaceX press releases.


I can’t say you didn’t warn me. Just horrible.

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A place so bad that a random taxi driver tried to warn someone not to go in.



@the_borderer did not say that. Brand has historically put himself on the left, so yeah, the point makes a lot of sense, and no we don’t need to “both sides” this shit. We’re well aware that ALL sides that include men with power are going to have some number of them be predators… :woman_shrugging: No shit.


Some assholes are drawn to fame and power in order to be even bigger assholes and to get away with actual crimes.


Man, talk about being guilty by association, eh?


I believe that fame, power let’s not forget wealth have a tendency to insulate such men from consequences, more so in the past but it’s certainly still a thing. And the lack of consequences for lesser forms of such behaviour can lead to worse forms rather quickly. Especially when you have substance abuse problems and poor impulse control which Brand himself will admit to.

In short: fame, wealth and power have an amplifying effect for such behaviours. Someone without these protections stands a better chance of facing consequences and therefore (hopefully) changing said behaviour before too much harm is done.


I doubt you mean it this way, but I can’t let a potential reading of that phrase stand.

The article shows that he’s a viciously abusive sexual predator. That kind of heinous dominance has nothing to do with poor impulse control.


I think it enables assholedom and removes a sense of accountability. But you have to be a terrible person from the start. There are plenty of people more famous and powerful than Russel Brand who aren’t serial rapists.


How horrible. I hope the survivors of his behavior are afforded whatever support, justice, and closure they need and deserve, and Brand ends up in a position where he can’t keep harming people with his predatory and abusive behavior.