Russell Brand on Hugo Boss, Nazis, fashion and the tedium of glitz




Russell Brand was good but Stephen Colbert’s truth to power rant at the Washington Press Corps dinner is the standard by which all others (as few and far between as they are) should be measured. The piece Brand wrote for the Guardian after his “acceptance” speech is worth reading.


Yes indeed, read it this morning already (it’s linked in Cory’s post). Brilliant in style, content, and political perspective. He’s fast becoming a national treasure of England, far as I’m concerned. His other Guardian columns are priceless too, especially the one on the passing of Old Lady Thatcher.


I am worried that he may have hurt Hugo Bosses feelings. That isn’t nice.


Balls. Giant effing Balls!


I agree.


Thanks, and i agree about the standard Colbert set with a speech that I’ve watched more than once. It’s like what people say appearances by Mark Twain were like, and certainly right up there with scathing Twainian (and Swiftian) satire, the kind that spits lightning bolts of truth to power.


I really had no use for Brand before this. I did respect him for his interview with the Westboro Baptist Church but this has taken him from not-really-funny-but-respectable to wonderfully-earnest-raconteur-with-a-twist. This makes me genuinely like him. Maybe I’m a sucker…


You should read his op-ed on Thatcher. His standup doesn’t do it for me, but he’s a really insightful political commentator.


Won’t someone think of the rich designers!?!?!


How is ejecting him from the event in the organizers’ interest? He’s already said his “offensive” things, it’s not as if he’s going to start flipping tables…
(╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻
All it does is make them look bad and garner bad publicity. They’re lucky he didn’t really go after them harder in his article. (Where he uses “numenistic” when he meant “numinous.”)


If they hadn’t ejected him - thus leading him to write this rather marvellous column - I’d have never known Hugo Boss (the man) was a serious fan of Hitler and slave labour. Now I do. I also learned by Googling “Hugo’s Adventures with the Nazis” that Hugo Boss (the company) tried to cut the wages of Ohio factory workers by 36% (from $13 an hour to $8.30) in 2010. It appears Danny Glover was involved in a campaign with a local union to prevent this occurring.

Well done Russell Brand!


Oh, and one more thing, You thought you were going to green-wash your money using my name? Think again. Nice balance.


If you’re only now finding Brand to be a wonderfully earnest raconteur with a twist, I’d say you haven’t been paying attention.


He’s got a way with words. The piece on Thatcher is excellent.


I wish I could be impressed by this, but after seeing his Genocidal Quips on The Secret Policeman’s Ball where he jokes his sexual exploits are the reason for the stonings of Iranian women, I have a hard time believing in his integrity.


Why does everyone keep picking on the Nazis? Jeeze, you start one little war and do a bit of genocide and that’s all anyone talks about for over 60 years. Why doesn’t anyone ever thank them for the Volkswagen?

eta - oops didn’t mean to reply to the previous post.


I like Brand’s writing better than anything else he does. Although, my mutant ability to read things in anyone’s voice I choose does add considerably to my experience of his work, and I wouldn’t have that experience if I hadn’t sampled his voice and persona via his television and stage appearances. So there’s that.


Came here to Godwin and now can’t figure out what to do.


Cite, please.