Exclusive clip from new Russell Brand documentary

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Gone already.

Appears to be here:


how about no


awwwwwww why not? :smile:

if you can see past his eccentric narcissistic personality, he is fucking hilarious, and if you actually listen to his points he is also quite intelligent and articulate. he plays up his flaws on purpose and uses them for a good cause, embracing imperfection so to speak. when you understand that he makes a lot more sense. his whole messiah thing is an inside joke.

the trews was a great youtube channel and he brings a lot of humor to bucking the system.


Seconded. I wonder what he’s had to say about Corbyn?

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When the world slips you a Jeffrey
Stroke the furry wall,
Stroke the furry wall.

On a separate note: it took me multiple viewings of the Despicable Me films (I have small children) to realise that Brand was the voice of Dr Nefario.

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I like Brand, agree with him on quite a few issues and find some of his stand-up pretty funny and entertaining. However, his “don’t vote” stance is willfully obtuse with regressive consequences that plays right into the hands of the power structure that he claims he wants to “revolutionize”.

I’ll skip paying to watch his documentary and donate more money to Bernie Sanders instead. And, I’ll be voting for Bernie Sanders.

EDIT: Shortly after writing this, I just found out that Brand finally perhaps evolved on voting (see next post).


Ah, you got me curious, so I looked it up.

Russell Brand backs Jeremy Corbyn in Labour leadership race


From the article: (emphasis mine)

Having previously vowed never to vote, Brand surprised his fans and commentators by throwing his weight behind Miliband and urging viewers to vote Labour. Just four days after the endorsement, however, Brand withdrew his support, saying that he had been “caught up in some mad The Thick of It” moment.

He told his viewers that he did not want to become a “de facto spokesman for people who don’t vote” and pledged to stop talking about politics, but it appears he could not help being lured back into political discourse by the current contest.

Er, he seems confused. But, I guess Brand changed his stupid “don’t vote” stance? If so, it’s nice to see him evolve and I commend him for that. My respect for Brand will increase if that’s the case.


Another shill.

Very funny guy, but tragically fucked up and seems to not be able to just enjoy his success.

Because he’s a fucking idiot, and worse, aggressively and willfully ignorant. He bucks off rational thought as orthodoxy or just what “The man” wants you to think, and then puts forward his own half-mad versions of very old ideas that everybody else with an ounce of political or scientific education has already thought entirely to death and found wanting.

He’s not intelligent, he’s average, but with a narcissistic, self-aggrandizing personality that makes him try to sound like what he thinks smart people sound like. And frankly, if he was a tenth as smart as he thinks he is, he’d be three times smarter than he actually is.

And articulate? For lack of…well, not a better term, but the motivation to find it, Pig’s arse. He sounds like he’s regurgitating a word-a-day calendar, rather than stringing words together in a coherent sentence. Being articulate isn’t about using ten dollar words to express ten cent ideas - it’s about being fluent, coherent, and comprehensible. One out of three sometimes just doesn’t cut it.

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Another ad hominem, tragically empty of substantive content and unable to just appreciate Brand’s inspiring political acumen.


that is a lot of chest pounding and feces flinging and grunting. even though he is famous, he is still just a human who is really trying hard to do some good in this world, is he really deserving of such vitrol and anger?

it’s okay if he isn’t your cup of tea, or if his style bothers you, but why all the anger and put downs?

I’m assuming you are in intelligent guy, yet his comments to his detractors on YouTube (the lowest form of comments on the internet) are an order of magnitude more articulate, intelligent, and compassionate then your comment about him here, so it makes me wonder, by what bar do we judge our fellow man, and how much of that judgment is a reflection upon ourselves?

as someone who has actually listened to him I can tell you that he is quite intelligent and articulate and yes he is narcissistic, but he owns it with a sense of humor and uses it to get some pretty good messages out to a large number of people who otherwise wouldn’t have exposure to such ideas and to do good in the world. I personally think he is hilarious and quite enjoyable to listen to.


And that’s a lot of projection. What, because I don’t agree with your opinion, I have to be angry? I just don’t like the guy.

Don’t even get me started on the assumption I haven’t listened to him - Why the do you think I don’t like the guy, because I made an arbitrary decision about someone whose content I hadn’t consumed, based on nothing out of nowhere? Of course not, I don’t like him because I have watched him, at length, and it’s the greatest load of pointless, psuedointellectual bollocks I’ve ever heard. I’ve even heard the man waffle his bullshit in person.

“it’s okay if he isn’t your cup of tea, or if his style bothers you, but why all the anger and put downs?”

Says the guy who automatically assumed that I’m in some weird, irrational rage about something I’ve never watched or listened to, because I have a different opinion. And you even threw in a few put-downs of your own. And I guaren-fucking-tee that you’re giving me less of a chance than you implicitly demand I give him, by speaking like the only reason I could dislike him would be if I haven’t watched his stuff - because I don’t agree with your opinion about an entertainer.

And yeah, I don’t like him - am I not allowed to express that? It’s as silly as saying “I get that you like him, but why all the praise for him? You can’t praise him when you like him, that’s just not on.”

I personally think he is hilarious and quite enjoyable to listen to.

I’ve no doubt. And by all means, continue. I don’t like the guy, but I don’t mean to stop you - after all, if I did, I would have said so. He’s a good entertainer, even if his ideas are… wanting, to say the least. Just don’t expect me to jump on board like I’m just a tiny epiphany away from following him - Been there, done that, shouted for these ideas before he did. But I suppose we all had our own embarrassing moments as teenagers.


Brand changed his mind on voting after the deadline for registering to vote.

He’s a clot.


Sorry if my reply came across as insulting, that wasn’t my intention. I’m not at all angry…lol…not even a little bit. Nor am I assuming or projecting anything, just taking your comment for what it was…you had an awful lot to fling in your point by point debasement…i was more “woah” then anything else…and wondering why anyone would have that level of vitrol and anger towards him? I was taken aback by the raw animosity, it was almost primal, which is why it reminded me of that sort of display. It came across as way more then a “dislike”.

Really? “I’m assuming you are in intelligent guy” even though your arguments here are less articulate then the person you are ripping on for being inarticulate…that’s a lot more credit then you gave him but whatever. Other then taking what you expressed at face value, the only thing I assumed was that you were an intelligent guy.

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I appreciated Russell Brand’s commentary on the death of Robin Williams last year.


I had never heard of Brand before that, and so had no preconceptions about him. From the piece itself, I assumed he was a respected mainstream newspaper columnist, or an academic in one of the humanities.

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Like most popular figures who hit a phase in their lives of success and excess, they feel as if they should give something back…

In Brands case he decided to become a proselytizing anarchist. Next he’ ll be picking up starlets with Noam Chimney. Chomskey. Cheroo.

Brands comedy is magnificent…Priapic and rapey, which I admire. His politicing is akin to the pied piper seducing the children with all the things their parents wouldn’t allow them.


It’s what his comedy is about dear…

Got it, honey.