Comedian Russell Brand accused of being serial rapist with 16-year-old among victims

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Does the least bit of fame/power turn men into assholes? or just enable them? Or does any of it matter and these guys would’ve been abusive shits regardless and just famous folks are more noticeable so it seems like their is a higher instance of bad behavior among them?


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Guess that’s why he’s been cultivating gullible following online over the past few years.


It’s almost like Kenneth Branagh was trying to put together the most toxic ensemble cast he could find for 2022’s Death on the Nile.


I love the ‘I’m being attacked’ pre-defense.

Who would bother coordinating an attack on Russell Fucking Brand? He’s the Jim Caviezal of Rob Schneiders.


Maybe we give game and power to the kind of men who are abusive, exploitative, and arseholes?

These are very, very unsurprising revelations. Guy always made me squirm. I’m not saying I know he’s a rapist, I’m saying that he seems like he is a likely rapist. Creepy fuck.


Unfortunately, like many other men like him, he has a solid following who will back him whatever he’s been accused of… I would not be surprised if some of them are organizing a disinformation campaign now to throw doubt on the accusations and the women who made them… Because that’s a nauseatingly familiar pattern with these things. Just look at what happened with Amber Heard and Johnny Depp. This is all harsh pushback against holding men (especially famous men) responsible for their actions.


I used to think he was funny a long time ago then he started giving me weird vibes. Like weird new-agey holier than thou vibes. Akin to the avocado wolf weirdo so yeah the accusations don’t surprise me.


I stopped paying attention to anything he said a long time ago b/c he was giving off that vibe but I had no clue how off the rails he has gone.


Yeah, it doesn’t seem all that surprising just given his reputation as a narcissistic asshole. That’s the type to do things like this, with the added dynamic of being famous enough to get away with things.

The desire to be famous is, I think, already something of an indicator. The fame itself is an enabler. (Obviously some people become famous as an unwanted side-effect of some other goal, and not everyone seeking fame for fame’s sake has this issue, but it’s often an indicator.)


He’s a tantric rapist doing a Frankie Howerd impression.


I’m surprised nobody’s brought up Brand’s autobiography. My Booky Wook came out back when he was first becoming popular as an actor, and he wrote candidly about trying to overcome his various addictions: alcohol, drugs, and sex.

If one takes his own admissions of past self-control issues into account, the argument that “I’m just being attacked because I’m questioning the system!” basically falls apart.

(Yes, I read it. When it came out, I was working in a bookstore that let employees read the merchandise, so we could better recommend things to customers, and I was curious. It made an impact because a family member was an alcoholic, and the idea that someone could potentially turn themselves around and beat their addiction was a thread of hope. It looks like Brand’s recovery didn’t last… my sympathies lie with his victims.)


I’m surprised to see him described as a comedian. I’ve only seen him in a couple of movies, and some documentary where people were talking about comedy, which puzzled me because he wasn’t remotely funny in any case. He does strike me as a colossally self-absorbed narcissist blowhard who thinks a lot of himself, so I’m not surprised he feels entitled to abuse others for his own gratification.


It’s worth noting here that the UK is in the middle of a periodic bout of soul-searching, when stories that every journalist “knew” for years have finally been deemed worth talking about in public. It’s fairly common to see it at the tail-end of a political era (see also: 1994/95, 2009/10) and we’re currently in that phase right now, although it’s perhaps mildly surprising to see it extending to journalists and show business ‘celebs’ too.


An extremely bad Frankie Howerd impersonation, at that.

Brand has always been ‘creepy’ and clearly a narcissistic arsehole. Am I surprised about any of this? Not in the least.


It’s unfortunately common in left-wing groups (or possibly former left-wing in Brands case, but I’m not digging in the conspiracy theory midden that is his youtube channel to find out). One leader is creepy and abusive, but people turn a blind eye because they are “doing good things”.

When someone finally says something, the rest of the group view it as an attack on the movement and defend the abuser. This was what happened in the Comrade Delta case from 10 years ago.

Russell Brand’s fame is a force multiplier in this case, he’s probably going to have a new group of “fans” defending him who would have hated his political views from five years ago.


Horses for courses. I went to see him live a couple of times early in his career, and I thought he was pretty funny; he had a curious stage persona (which, it turns out, was perhaps not one at all) and a presentational style that was fairly engaging, if somewhat exhausting after a while.
That’s not to say that I disagree that he is

mind. :slight_smile: If anything, that probably understates things.


Yep… it’s distressingly a major problem on the left… reminds me of this SNL sketch…