Comedian successfully trolls her way to two Emmy nominations

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Watching that video about the Mac commercial, there is irony. The guy talks about how the future would be centrally controlled with everybody exactly the same, and the Mac was going to come in and free the world for individuality.

Of course, today, Apple is one of the leaders of the whole walled-garden closed-ecosystem computing environments.


I saw that ad, during the Super Bowl. Not that that’s the least bit relevant.

Ahh… I remember the days when Super Bowl ads didn’t appear until the Super Bowl…

Sooooo meta…

Ah yes, the pop singer-songwriter sense of “irony.”

Er, no, this actually fits the definition of irony. There’s an incongruity between what is represented or claimed (i.e. Apple as the icon of freedom from conformity) and what eventually occurred (Apple’s ap store as an enforced walled garden with Apple as gatekeepers).

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I know what the app store is. And since initially there was not even a garden, the “walled garden” actually reflects an increase in what you are calling “freedom.”

So, er, yes.

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