Comey the scapegoat

there is a never-ending search for a scapegoat

Comey, the press hounding her to political death, Russia for stealing the emails, wikileaks for publishing them

how about President Clinton never rolling back the law that allows emails to be kept by hosts for them to be accessed without a warrant - this is why he setup a private email server in the first place because he knew better that it was the only way to have control/privacy (or he was advised to do so)

still makes me upset that the press has never bothered to explain it is not only perfectly legal to have your own mail server, it’s a damn good idea, and never once talked about the law


Email that is stored on a third party’s server for more than 180 days is considered by the law to be abandoned. All that is required to obtain the content of the emails by a law enforcement agency is a written statement certifying that the information is relevant to an investigation, without judicial review.


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  1. Laws are written by Congress, not the President
  2. This particular law was enacted during a Republican administration, not under Bill Clinton
  3. This is an irrelevant derail to the topic at hand and a rather weird bit of “whataboutism”

Are you next going to scream about ‘Her emails?’.


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