Comfortable togs from Betabrand [sponsored]


I assumed that one of the items would be a gigantic and frighteningly realistic hamster beanbag.

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Well, we can always put in a request.

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No thanks! I’d prefer to stay out of the Uncanny…Exercise Wheel.

um, EXCUSE YOU, those are clearly guinea pigs.
Regardless of this egregious error, I also feel that the lack of giant guinea pigs with every order or pyjamas constitutes a serious form of false advertising. GIMME GIANT GUINEA PIGS DANGIT.


Absolutely. A sponsored link ought to either be delivering giant guinea pig pillows or a photoshop-your-own-adventure kit so you can at least do the pictures.

What if I knew they were guinea pigs but said hamsters just to be contrary?

I didn’t, actually - but what if I did?

Oh, good, they ARE named after genitals. I was afraid it was just my dirty mind.

The latest in gross-out apparel marketing techniques? Naming your product—a pair of pajamas, possibly the most innocuous garment that exists—after a vagina. Welcome, folks, to the Vajamas, a pair of straight-legged, relaxed-fit pants that—according to Betabrand, the San Francisco-based online clothing company that makes them—are “quite possibly the softest pants on the planet.”

“Vajamas: The Pajamas Named After Vaginas (We’re not kidding.)”

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Terry cloth? Like towels and bathrobes are made from? The blazer looks more like jersey to me. Do I have to turn in my man card for knowing that? My mother made me learn to sew and stuff.

If you’re going to spend big on a dress shirt to climb trees in, you’ll probably be better off with something from Duluth Trading1. The problem with normal men’s dress shirts is they do a Bruce Banner as soon as you try to do anything even moderately physically challenging. And, take it from me, women are surprisingly unimpressed when you shred your shirt right off your body rescuing that kitten. Well, OK, typically they are impressed, just not favorably impressed.


Guinea Pigosaurus


Guinea pig lounger, now.

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Yes please

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Wait, when did Togs start meaning PJs and not swimwear?

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Want guinea pig slippers.


Forget the clothes, i want more guinea piggies <3

I was a bit surprised by this sponsored item, partly by the spendy prices, but mostly by this part of the text:
This is a clean, crisp look that’s ready to get its hands dirty, but at a price–$108—likely too steep for many menial workers.
Maybe I’m naive, but I didn’t expect to see this kind of thing on BB. FYI, it’s quite probable that quite a few of your readers are “menial workers”, it might not be a really good idea to offend them with comments such as this one.

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I have now completely and utterly reversed my opinion on giant guinea pigs.

I just want them to do something about their drinking issues.

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