Comments shut down immediately?

So a certain story (not gonna say which, in case) went up today, but with comments immediately closed, before any could be made. I’m curious as to why? Are there known trolls or interested parties that get whipped up by this particular situation (which seems unlikely) who will immediately flood the comments?

Just wondering…

Sometimes a story from many years ago gets reposted to the BBS frontpage, and that gets locked pretty quickly.

Time leaks.


I can think of situations where a (unfortunate) post was immediately regretted… then just as quickly pulled back.

To post… is human.
To pull back post… is divine.

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It cites a news story dated today, so no, I don’t think its a regurgitation.

And it doesn’t seem particularly “unfortunate” to me; which is kinda why I posted the question, am I missing something and deeply misinformed because I can see nothing that would make the story regretted…?

It was a post dated today. But one where I could see the comment bots having a free for all. Possible it had already started and Mark just cleaned it up and closed it.


Happens with dupes too. Usually there is a note about it.

ETA: I see the one. Not sure. Not a topic known for a lot of bot traffic.


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