Commercial Finance Association pays Rudy Giuliani to offer his thoughts on Mexicans in the kitchens of New York


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I suppose it’s a sign of. . . hope? progress?. . . that they bothered to apologize. . .


To be fair, “Mexican” is a nationality, not a race. But Giuliani is still a ignorant windbag in any case.


The Commercial Finance Association is, of course, horrified at the implication that it or its members would be against an inexpensive, powerless; and conveniently disposable labor supply; and rejects the notion in strongest terms.


Is Rudy G fearless, or ignorant for continuing to eat in NYC hotels and restaurants after insulting Mexican food service employees?

Never mind . . .


I dunno I think there’s a whole lotta Puerto Ricans in NYC, and the Mexicans are all out west. Which just makes Giuliani’s rant even weirder. Maybe he just wanted to show solidarity with Mr. Trump.


They didn’t believe that he was really a racist sack of shit,

Well kids, BELIEVE IT!


My apologies, I’m drinking.


I cannot in good conscience click the like button.


You’re very kind. What I have to say about him would probably get flagged for excessive profanity.


People pay Giuliani money to speak? Can I pay him to shut the fuck up?


Yep. My grandfather came from PR to NYC - back then, they were an even larger % than below. The only one of my grandparents who wasn’t an immigrant.

Speaking of family history - Rudi’s dad had an interesting job.

“Harold Giuliani had trouble holding a job, and was convicted of felony assault and robbery, serving time in Sing Sing.[16] After his release he worked as an enforcer for his brother-in-law Leo D’Avanzo, who ran an organized crime operation involved in loan sharking and gambling at a restaurant in Brooklyn.”

According to the 2006-2007 Center for Latin American, Caribbean & Latino Studies:[51]

Puerto Rican: (1,278,628)
Dominican: (602,093)
Mexican: (289,755)
Ecuadorian: (201,708)
Colombian: (113,469)
Other Hispanic or Latino: (351,635)


The guy actually takes credit for the fact that the entire city of NY wasn’t destroyed on 9/11/2001, while simultaneously stating that the country wasn’t attacked by terrorists until Obama took office in 2009. Why should it be surprising to anyone that his lunacy is leaking into other speeches.


I reckon you should give it a shot, and we’ll see.


What happened to Giuliani?
He wasn’t always this bad.
What causes a person to become an embarassing lapdog?


I get the impression that it’s just that it was less obvious before*.

*Or, worse, less notable


You could say the same for rancid, back alley piss.

All that’s left of him now is the purified essence of Rudy.


I wasn’t there, but I understand that, after Dinkins tried to establish civilian oversight, the police prepared a coup, and put Guiliani in office.


That’s called hiring a hitman, and kinda illegal. :skull_and_crossbones:


Well, at least now the CFA knows what it’s like when we have a family gathering and my brother shows up…