Compact laser measure


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You ought to show this gadget to the guy who reviewed utility knives.


It doesn’t measure anything smaller than 6", so it’s of no use to Donald Trump.


His hands.


Uh, yeah. That too.


accurate to 1/8 of an inch. might as well just guess the distance.


Also, if you want to actually center that painting on the wall, you’ll need a tape measure in addition to the laser doohickey.


They’ve always struck me as a solution in search of a problem. Probably nice for measuring rooms and such, but I have small children who can be convinced to run the steel tape down the hall. :slight_smile:


Real estate people use them a lot. Played with one that worked up to 300’, pretty impressive. I’d like to know exactly how they work (not just “measures the delay of a laser pulse”, which would require way too much precision). Edit: seems they do averaging and some sort of phase measurement:


Isn’t that exactly what it does? When you press the button theres a soft click as the ir laser fires and the sensor detects the bounce. The visible laser is only used for targeting.


When I was a little kid, I’d love playing with the metal measuring tape. I wouldn’t even need an excuse. It’s a far more satisfying user experience than this

gadgety go to fuck yo’self shit.


Yeah, but simply timing a return pulse is tricky. Light travels a foot per nanosecond. To get 1/8" resolution means you need to measure down to about .01 ns, or ten picoseconds. AFAIK, that’s beyond the ability of most sensors, especially in a cheap device.


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