Company offers photo shoots on grounded Gulfstream jets to impress your Instagram followers

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I wanted to find the clip of Up, Up, and Buffet at Frinkiac, but alas, it is elusive.

There used to be a stretch limo company around here that had a stretch pickup truck - vastly oversized stupid limo size cab, and a standard truck box on the back.

I always thought it would be funny to get a group of folks all dressed up in evening wear, book the thing, and take it to the lumberyard to get plywood and 2x4s.


Selling phony self importance has to be the easy sell every.


I don’t remember the episode (and google isn’t my friend in this case) but Alton Brown did an episode of Good Eats where he snuck onto a grounded jet. Very funny when he was chased out.

#rkoi, here I come!

What about the pooch in the picture…is he included or do you have to bring your own

Impress your friends with fake lifestyle(s) indeed.

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Reminded I’m held back by my reluctance to separate fools from their money.


On the plus side, if you’re going to lie no matter what, this makes it easier to avoid the use of bad photoshop or a sugar daddy/mama as a last resort.


Hm. I dunno. Is it a G6?

Or is it just “like” a G6?

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The exterior shot of the busty woman in front of the jet with three engines is not a G6 or any other Gulfstream.

Pretty sure that’s a Falcon 900 or something similar.


You too can live a life of faux-luxury, just like the President!

A friend of my father had a limo company. Included in their fleet was a stretch Ferrari. Plenty of legroom, but you’d bang your head on the roof if you sat up too much.

The cornering ability of the car was somewhat impaired. :wink:

Google may not be your friend, but the Good Eats Fan Page is.

The episode in question is Tender is the Loin I.

It’s also referenced in the behind the scenes episode. (Behind the Eats)

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