Incredible camouflage truck for sale


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He missed a spot by the muffler :slight_smile:


The invisibility paint, it works!


the seller is not the first owner


If only all car sales were this transparent.


It’s turning into a real arms race. Ford introduces an aluminum F-150, and Chevy just has to best them by offering transparent aluminum.


4 wheel drive…

I see what he did there.


This one’s harder than the iphone on the carpet.

load it in Photoshop and increase the contrast.


Is the truck still available? I can meet you Tuesday between 6:34 and 6:48. Will you take a lower offer? I’d like to buy it, but I wanted one in brown. I’m out of state, let me wire you $10,000. Can you hold it for me?


I am just not seeing the truck, that paint job really is effective.


Camouflage tyres not included.


So that’s where I parked it!

I spent an hour driving up and down that street looking, but I eventually had to just call a cab.

This guy seems to have taken good care of it for me; I can’t see a scratch anywhere.


seller is an accomplished tailor, principally for royalty


Hey, basically it’s wily mark selection strategy: Anyone who replies to this will also fall for the sale scam.


They must have one of these too.


Thank you for making today suck less, Mark!


Wait, this seems familiar…


Did you?


Sure it’s camouflaged, but it’s lifted. That just wreaks havoc on the suspension.


Only from that one angle though.