Marijuana found packed into new Fords arriving at Midwestern dealerships


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Holy shit. This is just like Breaking Bad where they use legit companies to smuggle in drugs.


But was it found in a hidden compartment? Because then it’s totally the owner-to-be’s fault. Once somebody buys one of the cars, just toss them in jail. Problem solved!


Routing error, obviously.
Although, in Ohio, medical use is legal and limitations of transport are not clearly stated.


I think it’s a great promotional idea. Obviously should have tested it in Colorado or Oregon first, though.


The cars were seized, correct? I mean since corporations are people, shouldn’t Ford have their property seized, too?


More like a Ford _In_fusion.
Am I right?


How does this even happen? Does the trucker suddenly get called off for a shift rotation, only to sadly watch his smuggled goods driven away?


California Emissions package?


YAY! Ford has started its “Going Green Initiative”.

Also, too, one has to wonder how many “green spare tires” did not get reported.


Auto manufacturers take note! See what happens when you no longer include spare tires with your new vehicles?? People put weed in there!




I bet they’re pretty mad they don’t get cocaine like dealerships in more affluent parts of the country.


It’s that new fiberweed material.


What drives me crazy is that people wax nostalgic about NASCAR’s mythical origins of racing vehicles designed to evade the police for running moonshine.

Maybe some day “trap cars” will yield some motorsport that will wash away their illicit nature and make it all nostalgia and “humans gonna human”.


You know, when you see a load of 2x4 lumber on a rig, you can only see the outermost layer of said lumber pile. What’s inside? Ever thought to ask? I have it on good authority that my former town, with it’s closed down mills, still did a steady business sending rig after rig out of town, loaded with cut lumber - at certain times of year.


Yeah, the dealer tried to talk me into the sun roof, but I went for the marijuana seats instead.


Listen, I don’t smoke pot.

But I bet I can sure as hell find something useful to do with 100 pounds of it. Gonna buy a ford now.


We have confirmed that this is not happening at our plant or at our internal shipping yards.

Suuuure you have.


Foreman looks up from clipboard: None of you are smuggling marijuana, right?!
Crew mumbles.
Foreman checks the not smuggling box on form.