Comparing the sizes of movie robots


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Technically, some of these are vehicles, not robots. /nerdvoice


A few notable omissions…


None of the ones bigger than The Iron Giant count. They’re fictional.

Also, an 8m Gort? I remember him barely bigger then Klaatu, did he grow?


I was momentarily confused by that, but then I remembered that there was a Keanu Reeves remake. It must be from that one, gods know why.


Because that movie is all about the special effects, right?



Yeah, if you include Gypsy Danger and an AT-AT, you gotta include Mega Maid.


I totally forgot that TNG predicted the advent of the Android Phone.


I was hoping it would end with them all standing on the surface of Unicron (approx. 1000 km diameter in planet mode).



and the Scutters were quoted as follows:


With unlimited Data. [/rimshot]



The irony is that I’m pretty sure the effects were worse in the remake (the original’s were carefully crafted and pretty timeless), like every other aspect of the remake. I believe instead of nuclear weapons potentially threatening other civilizations the issue in the remake was global warming. So I guess they were threatening to destroy the Earth to stop humanity from… destroying some of the Earth. I really wonder how remakes like that get made.



I was kidding, actually. Awesome effects would be gilding the lily, don’t you think?


Dewey is sad and lonely.



Yeah, exactly. The irony is that I’m sure the remake leaned far more heavily on (unnecessary) FX, and they were worse to boot. The original’s use of FX were actually notable (and fairly substantial) for a movie of that time, but it was before FX-based blockbusters and the FX were entirely in service of the plot. Unlike, I assume, the remake.
Now I kind of want to see the remake to see how badly they screwed it up.


Haters gonna hate. I thought it was fine. Keanu was appropriately creepy as an alien.