Competing construction companies have a front-loader fight in a busy street


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Some people have the greatest jobs, I’m green with envy.




for bob and wendy’s sake!

A bulldozer has a blade; a front-end loader has a bucket.


Needs more David Attenborough.

[whispers] “Slowly… these majestic creatures… compete for dominance…”


IKR? I was just about to post that these are what they are and not what they are not, justice for my 3 & 6 year olds who would be offended by this error


I have a degree and a well paying job - I’m fairly satisfied. However, when I see these goddamn big machines rolling around moving earth and smashing shit I ask myself, “Where did I go wrong?”


The winning bulldozer gets to mate with the concrete mixer while the remaining, weaker bulldozers, will have to roam the urban landscape alone… for another year. Forklifts awaits in the shadowy alleys for the upturned bulldozers: there will not be another opportunity for them… the gentle giants weak against the predatory little machines. This… is the ruthless nature… of the urban development.


Dude. This must be how the bidding process for the contract to construct Bartertown was handled…

If we conveniently ignore, for the moment, the fact that this dangerous and destructive activity is probably just the most visible symptom of a substantial number of people being driven to the desperation of a cornered animal by pitiless economic forces that could, and may well, come for any of us next; This. Is. Totally. Awesome. Period. Full Stop.

If we don’t conveniently ignore…well…like so many things it gets a great deal more depressing.



I smell a TV show! Construction Wars!


Take notes, Michael Bay, this is what an awesome giant machine fight looks like: Simple, hulking, dirty and raw…


I don’t think that heavy equipment fights were an option; but the video game where you handle the…less savory…aspects of making it in the tough world of contracting is already available. A sequel should obviously rectify this oversight, in 4K resolution, with fully destructible environments and an exquisite attention to the details of the failure modes of overstressed steel, hydraulics system failures, and like niceties…


So, um, does that mean that my house(and most buildings) are actually sitting on a foundation composed of some sort of egg/binder composite exuded from the cement mixer’s ovipositor? One that might start to hatch and chew its way out like a spider egg sac in a nightmare?

This is a very worrisome development. I may need to retain a pet Rust Monster for the forseeable future.


Technically, Mechwarrior is a construction battle game, as the Mechs started out as construction and lifting equipment that were weaponized.



This is only the first step before we start seeing illicit and deadly robot fighting rings… i’m not sure this is a bad thing.


Hey, this was a Japanese video game!


If only construction machinery had already been replaced with power loaders. That would be a real fight.


Ah beat me to it. well done, I can hear David Attenboroughs quiet narration in the background.


FONT end loaders? You mean they are full of Optima and Caslon in regular bold and Italic?


When the adults get too intense, this little “bulldozer” sez nope-nope-nope: