Competition to stay "spaced-out" the longest


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Hell, I could turn pro.


But, they look sad
I smile when I’m 'spaced out’
Smile like a madman



90 minutes? Naw man, the chronic 'll do that to ya.


I got disqualified for getting too relaxed. The fart gave me away.

I’m fine with that, though. I was only there for the terrible irony of a relaxation competition.


Hey wait, one of the contestants has beer. Surely that qualifies as a performance-dehancing drug.


Amateurs! For some of us, it isn’t just a focused exercise or competetiion…it’s a lifestyle.

Not everyone appreciates it, but those who don’t usually end up providing the most fun for those who do. It’s always satisfying to piss off certain people without giving them a legitimate reason to be pissed off. Admit it.

…You know who I mean…


I hear these guys will be judging the contestants:

Winner gets the “Real McCoy” trophy.


My younger Brother is working on 45 years plus, send the prize to


I think it’s actually called “transcendental meditation.”


Is “spaced out” a Korean idiom? Or is it a flip translation of something else? Here in the US we didn’t space out until the late 70s, I think. Before that were hep cats.



Interesting that the article implies the winner was the one with the most stable heartbeat. That is the same principle that the HeartMath stress monitor uses.


I don’t even have words for how victorious I’d be at this


Really? Han Seoul?



So - basically the pre smart phone DMV experience.


After 45 minutes of staring into space, No. 15 replied - “He look like a man.”


Rebirth of Melancholy.

This should be a new sport at the Olympics. It’d be great for the Generation whYs.


My trick eye made me read this as “Competition to say spaced-out the longest” and I could just hear those two women talking in super slow mo.