Complete run of the great Psychotronic Video zine

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Weldon also published a huge tome called The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film. I interviewed him once, I think around 1986, in his apartment in the Bowery or maybe Alphabet City, as part of my research for a paper on movies marketed with gimmicks (the kind of thing William Castle used to do). I didn’t really know what to ask him, and all I can remember about the afternoon is that the apartment consisted of two rooms. One of those rooms contained a toilet and the other had a bathtub.


It’s too late now, but the Rifftrax version of The Psychotronic Man was available for Prime members for several months. It was the best Rifftrax movie on the Prime tier of Amazon after The Guy from Harlem dropped off. Even better than Birdemic IMHO.


Great magazine, great content. here I come!

Thanks for pointing out contains zines. I was able to download 2 that i was missing from Pete Jordan’s zine, Dishwasher. I collected and read issues 9-15 when they came out, but have never seen earlier issues until now. Highly recommend.

I still have my well-thumbed copy of The Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film.

It provided a deliciously condensed blob of weirdness in a time (pre-internet) when weirdness was thin on the ground.

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A reminder that if you found something only because had the last copy available, consider donating so they’ll be around for the next impossible-to-find thing you need.

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Good advice. Thanks.

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