Compressed towelettes are super handy

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Sorry to be pedantic, but here goes…“lbs” is not a unit of pressure. It is a unit of weight.

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Indeed should be “psi”

We can only hope nobody figures out the potential for vandalism.


Also available at dollar stores. They’re very much like J-cloths.

And it’s fun to watch someone else’s eyes bug out when you add water to them. Almost worth the price of admission.

Yeah, we buy 'em ten for a buck at the dollar store, in foil-backed blister packs, and they have a hundred uses. Just don’t mistake them for calcium supplements.


Compressed washcloth AND instant bezoar.


ty. fixed.

I tried those once. Worst breath mints ever. Had a stomach-ache for three days. Really cleaned me out though.


Are these meant for use as toilet paper? Because I note they are stamped with “BM.”


I’m not sure I understand the concept. You can expand them with water without ending up with a wet towel?

“BM” is clever multi-marketing ain’t it?

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Barely big enough to cover one’s face to avoid the gaze of a ravenous bugblatter beast. Useless, at least from a frood’s perspective.


now I carry a few of these Bikemaster compressed towelettes both in my jacket pockets and all is well

This seems improbable. How big are these?

Really? I’ve seen the bigger version with kid-characters on them, but not these little pellets.

Time to visit Dollar Tree! What department would they be in.

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Just to remind folks,if you don’t live near a dollar store, and end up ordering from Amazon, you can use and have 0.5% of the total donated tot he charity of your choice. Yeah, I know, not a lot, but if you consider just how much business amazon does…


They’re about the same diameter as a nickel.

No, you end up with a wet towel. You can wring it out, of course.

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