Computer case recalled after fires

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Wow. I only got so far as seeing a screw that needs to go into an undersized mounting hole. This is complete amateur-hour BS that would have been immediately bounced at my workplace.

ETA: contradicting the video a bit, non-plated through-holes are fine for screws so long as the inner layers have a keepaway so that the metal isn’t exposed. But in no instance should a screw be threading into the PCB material. You can’t control those deformations.


I certainly see the problem from the video above, but no where on their site do they show it assembled. Even from the downloadable instructions I’m having a hard time finding anything regarding the riser.

Also I don’t believe in risers for things that don’t live in racks. If that means I don’t get cool sleek ITX cases so be it. I bought a Fractal Design Node 304 then modded it to fit a Noctua NH-C14S.

Or if the exposed metal is part of the ground plane then there’s nothing to short.

But, yeah this is totally WTF.


Yeah, I mean, ensuring that any metal that’s exposed (or could be exposed through mechanical wear) is intended to be connected to ground would be sufficient. But in most cases, just pull everything back and eliminate the category of error.

I can definitely agree that regardless of what’s strictly necessary or even the best practice, that the image you highlighted is truly wtf-level design incompetence.

ETA: I’m not an expert here, but don’t PCBs have to be flame retardant for at least CE safety regs?

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