'Confederate militia' boss who abused immigrants at gunpoint attacked in jail with 'non-life-threatening injuries'

Another case of too much steroids and Trump?


@Xeni we still don’t have a source for the word “Confederate.” What are you quoting?

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All out’a fucks for that type of Cro-Magnon man.

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Attacked? He tripped and fell down the stairs. Clumsy oaf.

What the fucking fuck?

Oyer referenced President Donald Trump multiple times, comparing her client’s racial slurs and targeting of Democrats and the media to similar views that the President has taken.

Yeah, that’s pretty damning. Wait, that was the argument made by his defense attorney?!


Or a washed-up Unknown Hinson impersonator.

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All I’m going to say is that the prison population in NM is a bit different than in other states, and I definitely would not want to be a white guy known for holding a gun to hispanic kids…


I guess that presidential pardon didn’t come through.

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Well put. Or another way to put, and this is the argument I use with people who claim that the American military can use torture: if we can torture them, they can torture us. If this guy can be tortured in American jails, then so can you and I or anyone else.

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Reasonable and true.

I’d just add something for anyone concerned about this one situation, and whether he’s being treated extra unfairly.

I’m sure other prisoners in this prison are also receiving “non-life-threatening injuries” often, and they will never get a headline out of it, or extra consideration, or any special protections from guards, as compared to this guy.

There shouldn’t be untamed violence in prisons, but even here this guy is very likely still getting it comparatively easier then if he was a nameless non-white person.


I was thinking the exact same thing. Lol.

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Credo has a petition to Facebook you can sign:


I agree, and it bothers me when people joke about it like they are getting what they deserve. They are missing the point - NOBODY deserves to be treated like that. NOBODY. What part of NOBODY don’t you understand?

Violence begets Violence. If you can’t stop a violent person from hurting other people you have no business locking them up with other people.

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