Congress orders Ajit Pai: hands off San Francisco's broadband competition law

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The source article indicates that SF now mandates all ISPs will have access to existing (apartment) building wiring on a non-discriminatory basis. The post’s lede says… something else.


So far, it’s obvious corporate shill for the win. :frowning:

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I do love the “Former Verizon Exec” canard, as though a < 2 year stint 15+ years ago as one of ~80 people at the time who held the title “Assistant General Counsel” is the career-controlling event in his life.

Yes, it has so little impact that he even made a video laughing at the hilarious improbability of the always industry-siding Pai being a Verizon shill, made with “Kathy Grillo, Verizon senior vice president and deputy general counsel.” I mean there is no way that the anti-transparency, pro-corporate prevaricator could possibly still favor Verizon. That was so 15 years ago… :-/


Piece of cake, right? Right?


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A little more moderation in your clickbait, please.

Congress didn’t order Pai to do anything because until Senate Republicans come back from their base on Planet Stupid (and they’ve given no indication in three decades that they’re packing for home), none of this is likely to actually happen.


This law doesn’t seem to do much in practice. I live in an apartment building in SF. I have Comcast. Sonic offers service in my neighborhood that’s 10x the speed at a slightly lower price (and has much friendlier policies, besides) but the landlord won’t let them install.

The law says he has to, but that law means nothing unless I sue him. I’d rather not antagonize the guy who has keys to my home and can make my life miserable in myriad ways.


Piece of flysomethingfly

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