Congressional Science Committee tweets link to Breitbart climate denial by self-confessed bullshit artist


Link us some examples of Breitbart stories that speak against the interests of white nationalists.


All of the climate change denials?

Oh, you mean against just the white nationalists?


Such bullshit. I remember when the “alt-right” term first got coined - it always had white nationalism at its core. Nothing has ever changed in that regard. The only thing that changed was that parts of the movement that went mainstream got coy about it.

Well, that explains some things. The guy who reads a “news” site that has a special “black crimes” section (with made up statistics to reinforce racist narratives, no less), says it isn’t racist! Case closed!
The KKK also claim to not be racist. You’re not fooling anyone. Except maybe yourself. If you’re too racist to recognize the racism there…

Except not that evidence! Or that evidence!
We could keep providing examples, and you’d keep denying that they were either examples or really racist, or that you defined racism in a different way or similar bullshit, on and on. But I’m afraid I’ve reached my quota for arguing with racist idiots for the day.


Yeah, all those “anti-establishment” folks who are just joking when they praise the holocaust, ‘[express] horror at “race-mixing,” and [denounce] the “degeneracy” of homosexuals’.

I wonder how on earth could anyone confuse them with actual white nationalists?


Do u even seize the means of production, comrade?


Brannon Bannon himself described as a the platform of the alt-right, and the man who coined the term “alt-right”, Richard B. Spencer, specifically said the term is about “white identity.”

Articles on Breitbart don’t always have to be about how white people are superior, but people who believe whites are superior do gravitate to Breitbart quite a bit.


:insert head-desk gif here:


It seems country club Republicans have lost all sense of decorum during this last election.

What ever happened to the taciturn, respectable bigots?


You’re right, I would take action: I would correct them. Boing Boing isn’t communist, it’s Marxist! For fucks sake its not that complicated, I don’t know why people can’t figure this out.


Make up your mind. Is knowledge power? Or is power having a lot of ignorant friends? Reality always wins regardless of what anybody prefers to believe.


It also seems to be about comic books, LSD and “making.”


Actually, it’s mostly about ethics in mutant journalism.


Well of course. We fall under a specific Marxist category that focuses on those such things: Lennonism (don’t confuse it for leninism).


Meanwhile, in addition to white supremacy, Breitbart also seems to be about science denialism, misogyny, and neoreactionary politics. Perhaps @country_club_republi reads that site because he enjoys some of those things.

From what I’ve been told by the kids of old white Republican dudes who belong to restricted country clubs, they aren’t so taciturn about their bigotry once they’re on the grounds.


Is it?
A lot of alt-right people are Marxist, but they regard Das Kapital as a how-to manual, not an awful warning. (Of course they don’t know when they’re reading Marxist thought in the business papers, but while Adam Smith just warned about it in general terms, the German guy got there first on how capitalism works in detail.)


Wrong side.


@country_club_Republi is so classless, he could be a Marxist utopia.


Wouldn’t that make them something closer to Capitalistic Stalinists? Or maybe followers of modern day Maoism?


It wouldn’t surprise me if some of the rank and file were Marxist in the more traditional sense as well.

Maybe some of these lot too.


Agreed. Here’s another take on his stupidity from 2015:

Unfortunately, unlike dark matter, Climate Denialists still interact regularly with the world at large.