Congressional staffers for Rep. Tom Garrett [R-VA] say they were used as "personal servants"

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He’s from Virginia. He also nuked Trump’s Homeland Security secretary on camera yesterday for screwing up the adoption case of the University of Virginia’s basketball coach.

She’s trying to bring an orphan from Sudan to the U.S., and he shredded DHS on camera for their general fuckery.


Thanks! Stupid fatfingers.


I still think there’s more to this story—he’s suddenly not running for re-election, then he is again a day later? It’s not right, but many members of Congress (and their spouses) routinely treat staff this way.

I would assume the aides are all aspiring baby republican operatives? Its very very very hard to feel sorry. Trying though.


Nope, no sympathy. ALL aspiring republican operatives should be kept on dogshit duty. Its a match made in heaven, really. And good training for their slimy stinking futures.


I saw that press conference, one of the strangest I have ever seen (in the same league as Sarah Palin’s retirement announcement!). I was actually sort of touched by what seemed his genuine passion and empathy for the plilght of that little Senegalese girl and the 9 refugees from Sudan he says he helped come here. BUT: This is the guy who ran for office saying he did not have a word for how much he loved Donald Trump. And I have never heard Tom Garrettt say one word about Trump shutting down our meager refugee programs; endorsing the RAISE act, which would have cut legal immigration in half; banning whole countries on the basis of religion; or asking “Why should we take people from s**thole countries?” And I have never heard Tom Garrett say one word about the new policy of stripping children of detained undocumented immigrants from their parents – and losing them half the time.

So Tom Garrett does feel real concern and empathy for one Senagalese child and nine Sudanese refugees. But that’s it. Ask yourself if he deserves a medal.


While we’re on the topic, this is perhaps Tom Garrett’s greatest hit: A smiling picture with noted local white supremacist Jason Kessler (red tie), March 2017, as the latter was organizing the “Unite the Right” rally, which brought a swarm of Nazi’s to Charlottesville that August and resulted in the death of three people. The meeting was to support the RAISE act, which would have cut legal immigration to the US in half. (Full disclosure: Garrett later denounced this guy. I guess he deserves a medal.)



It’s almost as though people are multifaceted.

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Guy like thats pants don’t stay up without a belt.
I’d never leave the house without one.
And I’m somewhat less “full-figured.”
Or… would like to think so.


Rather than assume I can read his emotional state and validate his empathy (a superhuman capacity I do not possess), I look at his behavior. Yes, indeed, he does appear to want things to work out for that refugee - but is there any evidence he cares about refugees he is not publicly tied to?

I ask because of a woman I know. She was adopted from Poland in the 1940s. To be a servant to a family, specifically to be a servant to the housewife in her ‘traditional gender role’ as head cook for a large family.

As I heard her ‘fathers’ brother explain it, It was cheaper than hiring help.

I’d like to see more evidence about this mans public concern for the plight of refugees, and the future of the Sudanese people.

I think we’ve all seen evidence of his public concern, over how his shows of his public concern are received by his public.


He really is that unhip.

Do they have to call him “Master” and allow him to sell their kids to the sugar plantations down the river?
Sheesh, what a turd basket

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I’m not surprised.

Staff for someone trying to bring back feudalism, get treated as a peasant.

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So what are they supposed to be doing? Or what is it aides do do ?

Aaaaand he’s not running (after winning the nomination) due to alcoholism

Research legislation, organize his schedule, answer constituent letters and calls, help people with problems with government agencies, read district news, write press releases and newsletters, brief him on bills and meetings, manage social media, take meetings so he doesn’t have to, and just about anything else.

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From the movies I’ve seen, congressional staffers aren’t really doing their jobs until they have helped dispose of bodies.

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