AOC lays bare the racism and hypocrisy of Republicans removing Rep. Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee

Originally published at: AOC lays bare the racism and hypocrisy of Republicans removing Rep. Omar from the Foreign Affairs Committee | Boing Boing


Fucking right.
Fucking racists.
Fucking republicans.


Only the greatest leaders understand that being a leader sometimes means getting directly involved in the hard work. Like taking out the trash.


Ah yes, the modern day GOP. The party that says that businesspeople should be running businesses and not the federal government ran by bureaucrats who are inexperienced with running businesses while saying that a refugee should not be in a committee that deals with refugee issues, saying that mental health and developmental experts don’t know what they are talking about when it comes to youth LGBTQIA issues and say that virologists are completely wrong about dealing with severe pandemics using masks, vaccines and quarantines while saying that people should take farm animal medicine to deal with it instead.

What a bunch of shit.


She puts more into one minute than most of these numbnuts do their entire CAREER.

Go git em AOC. Hit em like they are Sandusky Nazis (Only Good For Punching!™)


Our future President.


i cannot WAIT to vote for her.


Somebody hand that woman a walking cane.

ETA: Just FYI, I’m referencing the Brooks-Sumner affair, where a pro-slavery congressman beat an abolitionist with his walking cane on the House floor (IIRC). However, in this case, AOC is so visibly agitated that I would be happy to hand her a walking cane should she need it, because dammit, we’ve had about enough.


The content and amount of the bigoted comments on that video is literally nauseating. Dunno how many I went thru, thumbing 'em all down, and saw maybe two genuinely positive ones.

After thumbing down & reporting 34 crypto comments on a local news vid today, and being made to feel physically ill and shaky by these comments, I had neither the heart nor stomach to also report them.

I did leave a comment calling bigots pathetic excuses for human beings, and cursed all bigots with swift enlightenment. Best I could do.

ETA: Tyop b/c shaking


[Brief tangent: Jamaicans refer to “lickin’ sticks;” in this case, a “lick” meaning “striking a blow.” Toots and The Maytals’ weird AF song One Eyed Enos mentions a walkin’ stick’s being pressed into service as a lickin’ stick.]


YouTube comments section…

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Ain’t that no shit. They’re shit.


I used to use an adblocker to hide toxic comments sections, but a few years ago it became an arms race that I couldn’t win. Either it would be ‘fixed’ after a couple of weeks, showing the comments again, or the entire site would be hidden by the block.

I miss my commentless youtube.


May i recommend Piped? You can set the preferences to minimise comments by default.

NewPipe for phone.


I’d say Omar’s willingness to criticize the abhorrent actions of Israel vs Palenstine and vote against supporting them makes her most qualified to be part of the Foreign Affairs Committee.
MTG blamed Jewish Space Lasers for the fires in California, but she’s worthy of committees…
AIPAC flexes on us once again.

I’d forgotten that AOC changed her vote to “present” in 2021 for giving another $1 Billion to the Israeli military for the Iron Dome, then posted crocodile tears online. I am losing respect for her as she becomes more a mainstream bullshitter than an agent of change. I hope she can channel her DSA self again.

This is the organization that got the $1B in action. Racist war crimes in action. Hypocrisy, indeed.
Assaulting 12 year old kids

Committing race-based war crimes.


When convenient the GOP choose to interpret anti-Zionism (think Omar) as anti-Semitism (think MTG). And the GOP hopes that their constituents remain stupid of that.


Furure linguists and anthropologists will categorically label the times we now live in as… The Age of Buts.


The Firefox extensions I use are Disable Youtube Comments, and Unhook - Remove Youtube Recommended Videos. The latter also kills comments, the ‘shorts’ tab, suggestions wall, recommended homepages, etc etc. Makes yt look a completely diff animal. U can click on a button thingie to show the comments, (they’re hidden by default) and reload the page to disappear 'em again.

I was not expecting to open a 40 gal drum of hideous, poison cloud-producing sulfurous chemicals instead of comments. I expected to see support for AOC, not troglodytic

-ing. Horresco referens!

ETA: Words I did not type are in this post. ETA Mk II: I have realized why that happened, and will (I do hope) suitably adapt my post. Sorry.


The money behind AIPAC has Islamophobic and even weirder connections.