Emails show Trump's 'zero tolerance' agents had 'no way to link' separated migrant children to parents

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The cruelty is the point.


So just another liar in a congressional hearing. (Which asshole was it that said “I could find any one of them in a few keystrokes.”) I think that we should henceforth assume that if one of these asshats tells the truth that it was completely unintentional.


Those poor kids. Sitting in an encampment in a foreign country, wondering when their parents will come and get them. It’s unconscionable that nobody in the US government had a plan to reunite them. Meanwhile, Trump keeps telling everyone on Twitter how great things are. Scarier still is the fact that Trump stands a very good chance to get re-elected due to the fact that there is no shortage of fools who vote.


Evil or incompetent? I mean sure seems fucking incompetent but I suspect it’s just fucking evil.


Both. Definitely both.


At this point, the only just outcome would be a trial at the Hague followed by a number of short drops and sudden stops.


The impression I have is that the change in policy came with little warning so they didn’t have time to prepare a database to enter all of the records into. And then it was such a rush job that the record keeping was extremely sloppy. Also, they didn’t really care enough to do the job right, for various reasons, some of which we would almost certainly label as evil.

Basically Trump did the “obvious solution” that your racist MAGA uncle has been suggesting for ages and got the easy win, at the cost of only a tremendous amount of unnecessary suffering. But the suffering is of an “other” so it doesn’t affect them.

“For every complex problem there is an answer that is clear, simple, and wrong.” – H. L. Mencken


How is it that every daycare in the county has better procedures and record keeping than this?

In fact, how is it that these facilities don’t have to follow the same regulations as a daycare facility? Can’t some local enforcement bureau apply this rules and asses fines. Make some easy money for them…and might even get noticed when it costs something to the budget.


The negligent lack of tracking data, seemingly by design

This implies he spent at least some amount of time thinking through how his decision might affect immigrant children, which I find hard to believe.


Would DNA analysis help? With the absolute rule that all data be erased thereafter, which of course would not be followed.

I think for many Trumpsters, they WANT OTHERS to suffer. They love watching him inflict pain on other people. THEY WANT TO MAKE THEM SUFFER.

This isn’t unintentional. This is purpose-driven revenge porn.


Why not simply ask the kids if those are indeed their parents?

The 95% solution is just to have the kids give the names of their parents, and the parents give the names and ages of their kids, and match them up. Then when they meet up you ask the kids to verify that they are indeed their parents and it’s not a highly improbable case of two families with the exact same names across the board.

There is likely some malicious incompetence going on here, border agents still trying to punish the parents for crossing the border.


IMHO, this doesn’t seem right to me. Sure there are some psychopaths in every group, but it’s unfair to label some 40% of the population with it. People wanted an easy solution and were annoyed and distraught to discover that the easy solution is harder and messier than the correct solution.

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SMH. Of course. I guess I was still thinking of records and databases and stuff.

OTOH, there are something like 2500 children separated from their parents, so identifying by appearance may be difficult . . .

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They’re rolling out a new DNA screening program at the border but I think they’re saving it for purely dystopian purposes rather than genuinely humanitarian ones (i.e. assuming anyone who crosses the border with a family member who isn’t related by blood is actually a child trafficker).




Their statement amounts to, “We failed to develop technology as advanced as a coat check”.

So yeah. Pretty evil. This shit is not hard to figure out, it is because nobody bothered.


The administration (And the republican party) runs on greed, selfishness and aggressive spite.