Emails show Trump's 'zero tolerance' agents had 'no way to link' separated migrant children to parents

People need to go to jail for this shit. Not just up at the top, but the individuals enacting this policy on the ground. “Following orders” isn’t an excuse.

Not for those parents who were already deported.

At this point, some won’t know. They’re young enough, and separated long enough, they won’t recognize their parents even if they were in the same country (which many aren’t).

They aren’t psychopaths, though. They’re just horrible, racist assholes. They’re the sorts of people who, based on a rumor, start slaughtering their neighbors who are of a different religion/ethnicity. The uncomfortable truth that the Trump administration has made glaringly obvious is that the US isn’t fundamentally different from Rwanda or 1933 Germany.


That was a feature, not a bug.


IIRC, a number of these abominations were placed on federal property specifically so that local regulations could not be applied.


Say you wanted to create a huge number of people who would hate the U.S. so much that they’d consider becoming suicide bombers. Wouldn’t this be a terribly efficient way to go about it?

This is what I think of whenever I see some moron justifying Trump’s measures on the basis of safety (as paramount over all other possible considerations, including the most basic humanity).


Well, you know if they were actual people (read “white”), then it would be something that the whole of tRumpistan would not stand for, but I’m told (by some very fine people) that they’re not actually people… they’re animals (read “brown”).

I really wish that the above wasn’t an accurate portrayal of a very screwed up timeline, but unfortunately it appears that we got the short end of the multiverse stick.


The “president” of the USA.

Who is not a person, really. Really he’s just an animal. Swine comes to mind.


What do you have against pigs? They’re actually quite smart. (and probably less racist, and I’d even toss my vote for better mannered, and quite possibly better smelling…)


Aren’t we supposed to eat the rich?

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Urgh. You can be the first to tuck into tRump bacon.

I’m thinking maybe suitable for animal feed at best (though I’d be worried about zoonotic diseases).


Be sure to cook your trump steaks thoroughly to at least 165F.

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Also of course, stepfathers, stepmothers, confound such testing. Children conceived by rape will not have the DNA of fathers who act as their parents. Some kids are orphans taken in by friends. As refugees are fleeing violence, privation, there’s going to be higher than average numbers of these situations.


Because they care.


I wonder if their current “Oops, lost them!” is even true. How do they track who gets how much money for which kid?


That’s a great idea but I suspect there might be various combinations of data entry error in names and contact information combined with parents being released or deported with no attempt to track them. The parents may have no way to contact US authorities and US authorities may have outdated or wrong contact info for them. So they can’t ask.

Ask a kid younger than seven what mommy’s full name is and you’re likely to get “Mommy” as an answer. DNA won’t help in the large number of cases where the kid’s guardian isn’t a blood relation, and who will be performing these tests and analyzing the results? The same people who deliberately created a large group of vulnerable orphans who can be easily trafficked or incarcerated their whole lives for the government stipend?


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They can’t tell me that those kids aren’t in a bunch of asset management tracking databases. Working back to figure out when and where they came from likely would be an expensive pain, but “no way” sounds a lot like “we don’t want to do it”.


And that’s the solution too. Accountability for your actions needs to be brought back in fashion.


Some of these kids are babies. Some are so young they may not even know their last name or possibly even their parents’ first names. Also, you don’t think their are families in there with super common last names? Ever try to find someone in the entire country with the name Johnson or Jones for example? Good luck finding a Maria Hernandez in all of South and North America.

The fact they didn’t keep track of where these families went is nothing short of criminal. Those involved should be charged with kidnapping for each child that can’t be reunited with their parents.

I can’t even imagine what I would be feeling if I had to flee the dangers in my home country (the same way my grandparents did) to arrive in what should be a safe country to have my child fucking stolen from me. I can’t. [insert fucking screaming here]


A nice fantasy, but these shitstains will never face trial, since it doesn’t look like the U.S. is likely to lose a war on home soil anytime soon.