Congresswoman Diane Black [R-TN] blames school shootings on "pornography"

Well she is a “representative.”


What grocery store does she shop at?


I blame all that racy swing music!


Damn that Hut Sut song!


Porn: School shootings are not an after effect of money shots.


Throwing out really bad red herrings isn’t helping anyone with anything :confused:


Was she elected to help? What is this… help… you speak of?


Given how prone to total hypocrisy GOPers tend to be, something tells me she’s a FIEND for it.


Oh it’s a kind of porn alright.


Or starred in some, way back when. I’m going to leave that search to others.

Can you explain to me in what way mental illness is a cause of school shootings? Just to warn you, i’ll be expecting diagnoses and peer-reviewed papers.


That’s going to be tough, as I am without peers.

How about instead I say that, of the things she listed, mental illness seems (to me, at least) most likely to be linked to the desire to end the lives of a bunch of children that you don’t know, and cause horrible pain to their families.

If it was mentally sound to shoot a bunch of strangers, then the collective wouldn’t react so negatively every time it happened. Instead, there would be celebrations and dancing (and more shootings) in the streets.



Well that’s all peachy keen that you feel that way, but actual studies show that mentally ill people are more likely to be the victims of violence rather than perpetrators. And perpetuating the idea that the anger and entitlement that drives these assholes is a form of mental illness just hurts those who are already suffering. I’m pretty willing to share with people that i’m bi-polar, but that doesn’t mean it’s safe for me to do so.

This is nonsense. Is every person who commits domestic violence mentally ill? If so: which illness? I don’t think that anybody trained in the study of the mind would answer yes to the first question, but that doesn’t mean we celebrate domestic violence.


As a wise man once said; there’s a difference between being mentally ill and being an asshole.

The cowardly people who kill others so indiscriminately just because society has made it so easy for them to (or just “because they can”) are assholes.


Dear Penthouse Forum,

I am a freshman at a large Midwestern university. You probably won’t believe this happened, but…


This is a strange line of thought to me. We’re saying that the extremely small percentage of the population who commit mass murder are just “assholes,” and have no form of mental illness whatsoever? This is absolutely no comment on the vast majority of people who have mental illness and are not violent, but geez, it’s pretty obvious that sometimes mental illness leads to this kind of thing.

What kind, Auld asked? Many are reported on to have suffered from extreme depression. Does this mean all people who have depression are going to go on a murder spree? Does it mean people with depression are more likely to murder? No, and no. But that doesn’t mean in some circumstances, people with extreme depression decide to make their suicide a murder-suicide. The fact that these type of spree killings aren’t more associated with acts of suicide, versus homicide, is something I think is pretty stupid. These people are not “just assholes,” I know a ton of assholes (and some folks would probably consider me one), and they don’t tend to go on murder sprees.


Yes, that’s exactly what we’re saying. Nazism isn’t a mental illness. Sexism and extreme misogyny aren’t a mental illness. People can just be assholes. America is just unique in its determination to provide those assholes with as much ginned-up outrage and access to rapid-fire assault weapons as possible.


If I click my heels 3 times and repeat “there’s no place like home,” will I be magically transported back to my own reality, where life still mostly makes sense?!?


As you have probably guessed, I’m not trained in the study of the mind. I’m basing what I know on my personal experiences.

I’m also not a stranger to mental illness myself; I spent a few months in the late 80s thinking I was a dragon. I’m not joking. So no, I’m not a person that anyone should turn to for a mental evaluation either.

If I came across as an authority on mental illness and mass shootings, I apologize. I am neither.

Of the nonsense she listed, I feel like the odds that someone who has gunned down a bunch of strangers has a mental illness is more likely than they consumed too much porn or watched too many violent films. That fits into my world view a bit better. Does it make it right? You say it does not. I agree to disagree.

Ultimately, I feel like she’s full of shit, BUT if she could help shine a light on mental illness in this country (doubtful), and increase the chances of people getting properly diagnosed, that could be a good outcome… depending on how it was handled.

Honestly, I think that to some degree they are. They are certainly not in their right minds – provided the source of the violence isn’t because they are psycho- or sociopaths. And if they are, are those not mental illnesses? It could be a temporary disconnect, or the tip of a bigger iceberg. But it’s not fucking sane.

In my opinion.

As a layman, I see entitlement as a form of delusion. Anger is one of our core emotions. How a person channels or expresses their anger is their choice. If they channel it in a way to hurt others, something is fundamentally wrong with that person.

In my opinion.

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Well, I’m going to disagree, and suggest that your perspective is completely incorrect.

Do a Google search for “spree killers extreme depression.” This was the second thing out of a lifetime’s worth of reading:

Sorry some of you get sooooo defensive when it’s ever implied that sometimes people with mental illness do bad things, often in a way that is intertwined with their mental illness. Your perspective doesn’t seem to have much to do with reality. And that’s fine, we’re all allowed to disagree. I just happen to think your perspectives on the issue are off-base and actually probably dangerously misleading.

And just to add: I believe the main way to deal with this issue is stronger gun control. I think the second thing we should be talking about is a national healthcare system that includes mental healthcare. It’s stupid to look at one area exclusively.