Conservative commentator Tomi Lahren reimagined as an 80s pop star


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She has way better sitting posture but that’s about all I can say.


"Mouth diarrhea"

Aptly named.


This was actually pretty catchy.


She has a certain uncanny valley look to her.


If William F Buckley is the best conservatives have ever had to offer, that’s a pretty damn low bar.




I remember when “Uncanny Valley Girl” was still a top 40 single.


She’s repulsive. She’s the worst type of person, the kind that preys upon the basest, nastiest human instincts by spouting a line of vitriol. You know she doesn’t believe a goddam word she says.

It’s strange economy we have, where people exchange outrage for attention.


Can you imagine combing through all the clips of her to find the right moments to cut together to make this? Which circle of hell would that be?


This is pretty obviously someone singing these words, not Tammy run through autotune. Have we already forgotten what Autotune the News sounded like?

Man, I miss Autotune the News



Please tell me there isn’t a Supersize option for either of those asshats.
But as junkfood/news analogy, spot on.


No, just a mild corporate activist thing am / was / is / going thru at the

Go here when you get a chance


Somewhere beyond the red-hot iron walls of Dis, that’s for sure.

Youch, careful with that axe, Eugene. :slight_smile:


That’s some interesting stuff - you have quite the range! I’m more of a pen-and-ink girl, myself. Bookmarked it for another look later, too.


The 80s pop vibe was pretty good, but it leaned a little too heavily on “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” right down to the popcorn synth solo. Needs more B-52s. 8/10


But synthpop fits better with the neon and pastel aesthetic




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