Conservative politician apologizes for saying people on welfare "needed putting down"

Defending? I didn’t say anything about the morality of her comment. I’m just collecting facts. In this case the fact slightly defends her action. I don’t believe in criticizing actions until I know the whole story.

:white_check_mark: bingo. :unamused:

looking for reasons to justify why she said something that is unjustifiable is a different definition of “fact gathering” that most people call “defending”.

NO, no it does not. there is no reason that defends stating that a group of people should be put down, aka killed. none. i don’t have to wait around.

because maybe there is a good justifiable reason to want to put down a group of people? or to ever say something like that? ever. smdh. :cry:

again not someone i want to be making any policies, full stop. that the only judgment being made and seems very fair and reasonable.

strange behaviour to defend repeatedly.


This is not even vaguely surprising.

Here’s a link to an earlier post of mine., in which I list some direct quotes from the current UK prime minister. Nobody should be the least bit surprised that someone who marches under his banner says offensive things.

Lower indeed.


Companies on corporate welfare need to be shut down.


I’m racking my brain here, trying to jinn up any soul-shattering, paradigm-shifting, transformative epiphany experienced by O’Brien – one that would take her from “needed putting down” to “unacceptable”. Any thoughts here?


Finally something said in the UK that means the same thing in the USA. Why can’t they just speak “Murican”? And the correct term is killed when you are talking about people.

Sherry at least is an honest drink, if not for theese shores. Gimme something, anyone, that gives me hope, besides Sherry. #reach tired of relying on the EU to keep me in drinks. And tired of my people (murica/monkey) bringing it down. We still have dangling apples in our orchard, but the ground fall and the leaves are more impressive. And then there is always France.

Yes, they were made a few years ago and off the cuff but she most likely still believes she’s right.

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Preach, Aneurin, preach!

@dontpanicbobby “Killed”? That sounds rather too bald. How about whacked? Taken out? Taken care of? Sleeping with Fishes? Terminated with extreme prejudice? Collateral damage?

The term ‘put down’ is what one uses when talking about animals. She used it very deliberately. It shows what she thinks of these people. That’s why she didn’t say ‘killed’.
(And we don’t speak '‘Murican’ because we aren’t. I might as well ask why you don’t speak English.)


The experience of moving from a private citizen to being a Tory Party representative and candidate, in the full glare of the public eye? That’s a pretty transformative experience that makes you realise you need to put on a public face of being less of a shit than you really are underneath it all.


It is impossible for a finite mind to ever know the whole story. So you must never criticize anything.


I was merely exercising my sarcasm brain cells… but… yep!… re your comment.

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Oh, I know. I needed to exercise my cynicism brain cells. :wink:

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Two good workouts. BB is the gym for brain cells! :slightly_smiling_face:

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I think you’ve got it. That’s a phrase that works both pre- and post-election.

“It’s what you voted for. Mandate!”


Ah, that wonderful space between “Take care of,” and “Take care of,” that makes death seem almost forgivable.


OT: I don’t speak UK English because it has to many extra vowels. ‘Muricans’ fixed that for youse guys.

BOT: “taken care of” FTW! Now that’s politician speak right there.

I was puzzled by your previous question as to why we don’t speak English, as I thought USians also used ‘put down’ in the context of animals. And I was equally puzzled about your vowels point until I realised you had perfectly illustrated it. What is this new verb ‘to many’? How does one ‘many’ an extra vowel?
Hint: there are not enough vowels in the word ‘to’ in this context. There are in fact two vowels in too. Perhaps you see now that the right number of vowels makes a difference. Ok. old chap? Pip-pip and toodle-oo. :wink:

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Oopsie. Remember, horrible people. Always whitewash your history. The horrible existence you save maybe your own. I mean, sure, Trump manages to wear it all out in the open somehow, but he’s a fluke. Mostly. So far.