Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 2)

Yeah, we have loads of it around as it’s one of the medicines my daughter needs, I just remember seeing that 400IU was what the NHS recommends for normal maintenance (though obviously the preponderance of UK denizens are people who are evolutionarily selected for making best use of what little sunlight we get), and it certainly isn’t one of the vitamins/minerals with serious side effects if you do OD.


-customer didn’t know the guy was the store owner- just some random guy.

“ A Cave Creek man is reeling after a souvenir shop owner pulled a gun on him—all because he was wearing a mask.

The man didn’t notice the sign in the entrance forbidding masks and that declared, “This virus was a weapon used by the Democrats to steal an election!” ”


I think you should visit your doctor soon, or do a Zoom consult at least. They will do an evaluation of where you are in your recovery and can get you supportive treatments. You might need that extra support in your recovery instead of trying to “tough it out.” Please don’t wait - please call them today. They will help you.


Thank you!
I wonder if there are any treatments for it, other than steroids (I’d like to avoid these)


i wonder if a central health system helps with detect things like this? not an argument ive heard for single payer, but i could see having one system for all reporting and tracking could help with seeing patterns in patient health…


Obv, you weren’t hospitalized, but some of the long range recovery issues discussed here may apply to you, and you should discuss with your doc.

You’ve got other drugs than steroids, life modifications, OT, possibly oxygen support, who knows what else? The list is actually pretty long. But the important thing to start with is to go through an evaluation with your medical pro. You’ve got to identify with them what is specifically needing attention so they can tailor a plan with you. Every Covid case is different and a thorough provider will take you through all your options after figuring out your situation. (Right? Not someone who is going to just cast you off and say “next.” They’ve got to be a partner with you through this).


Thank you. I’m terrified of visiting doctors, because most of the ones I met prescribed either homeopathic stuff or antibiotics, and didn’t even bother to tell me what the diagnosis was, acting like this was none of my business. You are right that I should give it a try tho.
Edit: Fun thing I noticed: aspirin seemed to really help with covid symptoms, including brain fog (I don’t advise anyone to try it without doctor’s order tho). Another interesting thing is that CPAP machine made breathing way easier, no idea why. It isn’t meant for that after all.


You really need to find better doctors, or better yet, just one good doctor.


Without trying to give medical advice (IANAD), be vigilant about leg pain or numbness. One effect of COVID is blood clotting, and that will often manifest as blood clots in leg arteries and veins.


That’s a really good advice to everyone. I’ve heard of people losing legs due to covid related blood clotting.


Nearly 1 in 10 Arizonan’s have Covid.


You need a competent provider and maybe a call to the state medical board. The behaviors you describe are not at all with the scope of normal practice.

As to the CPAP, that is excatly what it is made for. It has been suggested for use in hospitals, but the ones usually availabe are pretty much impossible to filter on the expiration arm and generate a ton of respiratory mist, so not an option for hospitals, but at home? Oh hell yes!




Well this is going to be fun, isn’t it? In all seriousness, it’s going to get bad, pretty much regardless. But there is bad and then there is Mad Max. Lets keep it on the 2020 side of bad, no need to invent an even worse dynamic than what we already have.


Huh?! What’s that?! Can’t hear you over the hum of these refrigerator trucks!


The positive pressure of a CPAP is keeping the air circulating with less effort from your lungs, so your lungs can catch more oxygen. The humidity and filter are probably helping too.
A nebulizer with albuterol or budesonide might be helpful for you. Not nearly as awful as systemic antibiotics. Please try to get a telemedicine visit with a doctor. Though you might have to go through a few to get some real help.


Health experts say you should avoid optional trips whenever you can.

I’m doing the single Dad thing for a bit (long story) but the peasants I have in my care (ages 13 and 15) were revolting at my reducing my shopping cadence to once every three weeks. Needless to say it ain’t much in the way of organic spinach, sushi and persimmons, more like cans of beans and ingredients for an actual cooked meal, and not so much the stuff that drops out of a packet and into their mouths. Frozen veggies and even canned stuff are, however, far better than in your grand-daddy’s day, I’m told arguably better than if “fresh” means “flown in from Argentina”.

I’ve been shopping since February with the scenario explicitly in mind of myself getting sick, kids being shut in too, and needing to cook for three or four weeks.

You can throw just about anything in an Instant Pot and get a decent meal out of it, sometimes for several days (seems the “pea soup is soul food” has skipped my kids’ generation; I got some complaints after 3 days of it…) :thinking:


And it’s hard to get your hands on ramen these days. Good luck, hang in there.

Podding with my highly vulnerable parents we’re only getting deliveries. We’re using Dumpling for most things and also Imperfect Foods. Comes at a premium on personal shopping, of course. My parents are have a local service from a company that used to do local produce supply for fancier restaurants and re-tooled to doing individual food boxes for the pandemic. Their stuff is a bit rich for us, but the food is really, really nice.


Can´t breath.

Shortage of oxygen in hospitals causes scenes of despair in Manaus. Some doctors used their own cars to transport the gas for patients.


I was recently taking, um, 700IU in a multivitamin and another 1000IU in a separate pill and I’m pretty sure the Vit.D is what was making my tinnitus noticeably worse

I started taking each pill by itself for a few days to try to figure it out

Of course if we just Google for supplements and symptoms we discover that every nutrient is both the cause of and the cure for every ailment :roll_eyes: