Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 4)


I think maybe a good idea, if boosting now means delaying omicron-specific boosters. But, hell, WDKS still applies.


I might have dared to speculate, based on wastewater monitoring, that in Ontario :canada: we might be seeing the crest of Wave 7. Wastewater is pretty much the only near-live monitoring we have left. However, it’s Caribana weekend in Toronto for the first time live and in-person since 2019. The words “after the pandemic” popped up a lot in this morning’s radio coverage. :persevere:

One of our cats is a bit sick; just cough and sniffles. The vet appointment is this afternoon and we’re hoping the beast doesn’t have COVID. It would suck to have made it this far, with family having had to travel around the world 3 times, just to catch it from the cat. :roll_eyes:

My wife and I were contemplating offering the vet $50 if she lets us video her giving the cat a nasal rapid test. :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: This cat lost it with this particular healthcare worker last time; the vet lost :drop_of_blood::drop_of_blood: after taking the cat’s temperature rectally. Clearly the :cat: has not been keeping up with the news.


Yesterday there was a lot of anticipation that the Los Angeles county public health director would reinstate the indoor mask mandate due to increased transmission. That ended up not happening, in part because there’s been a recent downward trend here in the last week or so. But I watched part of the press conference and the director brought up some charts showing how the levels measured in wastewater used to very closely track the number of covid hospital admissions, but that hasn’t been true here for the last couple of months. Hospital admissions are relatively steady here even though the wastewater numbers went way way up over the same period.

So wastewater monitoring is still useful and interesting, but not quite as predictive for strain on the healthcare system as it used to be.


Fingers crossed (cf. this boards numerous study links) that health care workers absent from acute COVID, and Long COVID, doesn’t make that strain merely a more delayed effect.

I’d err on the side of caution if it were my call, personally, but I skew towards “ruthless technocrat” politically… :roll_eyes:


Wtf is wrong with this guy? Don’t answer, we all know.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis: ‘I think if you look at the data now, people who have had multiple boosters are actually more likely to get infected right now’


only because everyone else is dead? :confused:

oh, i see because it was a small sample of a limited population from a walgreens:

Dr. Todd Husty, an emergency medical specialist and a county medical director in Central Florida [said] the data doesn’t support the claim the governor made.

“The concept that those that are vaccinated and boosted are more at risk somehow is just, it just flies in the face of everything that we know. We know that people that are vaccinated and boosted are three times less likely to get omicron,” Husty said. “Wow. I mean, we know that. So why don’t we go with that? Which is the vaccine works.”

“It was from Walgreens, from their testing centers they test in their stores”

dear god. i hope when that man runs for president he just keeps running and never comes back


Wow, I miss Caribana :cry: … and will continue to do so until the pandemic is really over. Hopefully, it doesn’t result in a lot of new cases! :crossed_fingers:t4:

Sorry that you and kitty have to deal with this, too! Hope the test result will be negative. My murderbeast had to be sedated for some procedures…for the safety of the vet’s staff. :pouting_cat: :face_with_head_bandage:

Cat Movie GIF

:thinking: Ok, that cat needs a better mask!


This was the only good English language source on this I could find. She was hounded to death by antivaxxers.


Damn, that’s awful. :cry:

No paywall version:


“Rare rebound case?” Guess it depends on the definition of “rare.” Fauci was quite public about his paxlovid rebound, and anecdotally the one person I know personally who went on paxlovid had a rebound too.


Maybe they should have kept someone like him on for a few more days?
And he should have rested more.


Can you imagine the handwringing over this from right-wing commentators that would have ensued? And the inevitable NYT thinkpiece on the moral compromises of Presidential self-care would have been something to behold, to be sure.


Higher levels of stress, more difficulty accessing health care, more awareness of what shit is out there. I don’t question these results in the least.


it really is amazing how quickly they stopped caring about presidents playing golf once ■■■■■ took office


Not in the slightest! This quote stood out to me.

“Of course [trans people] have higher rates of long COVID,” says JD Davids, co-founder of the advocacy and policy group The Network for Long COVID Justice. “We have lower rates of being treated as humans. ​​People who are denied access to health care, resources, or bodily safety are at higher risk of ill health outcomes, including this massive disabling event known as long COVID.”


naomi wolf inciting racist attacks over a vaccine requirement for indoor seating at a black owned restaurant … this could fit under so many different threads. none of them good.

the owner sounds awesome:

Jones — who is originally from the Philadelphia area — said no matter what happens, Salem is his community now, and no amount of harassment or violence will scare him away.

“They can bash our windows, they can threaten my life,” Jones said. “… I’m still going to be the excellent person that I am.”


I will have to go there next time I’m in the area.

Meanwhile, I looked at the Google reviews and reported a number of the nasty 1-star reviews as harrassment. Jones seems to be pretty active clapping back at the trolls.