Continuing coronavirus happenings (Part 4)

that’s when you admit the mistake, call up the national guard, ask fema and the feds for help, impose curfews, mask and vaccine mandates, and push for a bill that will give all healthcare workers direct cash bonuses for all their hard work

just saying: tough it out, come to work if you’re sick, and oh: you’re getting no support from us so don’t ask - that’s no solution


Today, ten prefectures in Japan reported record-high numbers of cases (including Osaka at 3,692, Okinawa at 1829, Hiroshima at 1,212 and Hyogo at 1,191), while the nationwide figure has surpassed 25,000. This is literally, no exaggeration, a 100-fold increase from a month ago.

The government is dragging their heels on lockdown measures because their metrics for that include hospitalization rates, which have not increased as rapidly or dramatically as overall cases.


I really feel for Jamie. Both my parents died last year, neither directly from Covid though my mother was in the ICU with it this time last year, but it was a factor. And I know how miserable the mourning in isolation was, nodding to my brother and sister as we left a sodden freezing cemetery last February after our dad died and got into the car and straight home and back to work because what the fuck else are you supposed to do? I always said we do shit weddings but the funerals are epic and having had the opportunity to cry, and laugh hard until you cry again with your people taken away really hurts. We’ll never get that for those two amazing people. None of us will.

If you ever wonder why after the omnishambles fuckups of the right wing this is the thing, breaking their own rules, that will bring them down, something so trivial it seems to many, partying, this is why: our grief is mocked by their impunity and callousness. Our sacrifices are shat on.


Wii is a feasible solution.


I think the term ‘kindergarten’ is being used here in its original meaning: the school itself, which includes multiple ages/classes/grades, not one singular grade of 5-6yo kids.


And on day one my Facebook feed will be filled with people who will never get vaccinated, tested or wear a mask, complaining that they can’t get on the site to get a test.

Then several days later once people start getting tests my feed will be filled with those same people wasting the tests on things they were never meant to be used on to show how everything tests positive or negative.

Can’t wait.


Not a school. Pre-school kids only.


As I understand it, the way Germans/Austrians use the term is to mean a stand-alone place for kids too young to be in formal schooling.

In the U.S., the term ‘kindergarten’ is used for only one grade, which is usually in the same building as an elementary school. It’s like grade 0 for elementary school.

We have ‘day care’, which usually means up to 2 or 3 years old, then ‘nursery school’ which can be one or two years (3-5 years old), each of which are their own thing or can be together in the same building.

Kindergarten is almost always physically in the school that the child will attend for 1st through 6th (or 8th) grade.

Have I got the German meaning of kindergarten right?


The 4 tests one time is really good from the US government… but we probably need 4 tests a week for the next year.


I saw maybe a half dozen masks in the pictures… there are 100,000 people in Athens today for this. FFS…

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The NFL playoffs are startging this weekend. Each stadium holds around 50-70k people, and there are like. 8 games? So… 400,000 - 560,000 people.

And most unmasked.


Close enough.
The concept and the name go back to Friedrich Fröbel and the late 1830ies.


A garden full of kinders!

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That’s how Fröbel described the concept, a place where kids can grow, like plants in a garden.

(These days, free range aka Waldkindergarten is all the rage.)


Everyone knows this, but publications have been reluctant to print it.


Why did they go?!


Great rates and mostly retired people. It’s funny, you watch those cruise commercials and see a bunch of young beautiful people doing amazing excursions and things.

Then you get on the cruise, and it’s just old, overweight people, everywhere. As far as the eye can see. Grumpily side eyeing all the younger people. Let me tell you, it’s WEIRD having four very much out of my age (and gender) women hitting on my ugly ass after getting tanked on unlimited margaritas.

So yeah. They had the time, the rates were probably great (some of them may have been cashing in on vouchers from earlier that are expiring) and nobody’s going to stop them in their retirement from having a good time.


Please note, I’m not ageist. One day I too will be their age and absolutely will be jumping on cruises in my retirement for fun. Seems like a great way to spend 10 days a few times a year if I have a budget for it. But that’s the population who goes on cruises. People who can get 10+ days off a few times a year or more, and people who have disposible income … .are not often people from my the 18-30 age bracket.