Controlled chaos in Ethiopia intersection


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Them buses ain’t stopping bro.


Think of the pedestrians!


The video is accelerated.
At ten mph it’s no more difficult than this:


Still better traffic engineering than those stupid traffic circles. :frowning2:


nah mate they are great compared to 4 way stops


Well, for the duration of the clip anyway. Sadly the long-term effects are less promising.

“[Ethiopia] has the highest per capita rate of car fatalities in the world, with 190 deaths per 10,000 vehicles.” —Newsweek

(Caveat: Official WHO stats place the number lower (around #12 worldwide), but NIH studies suggest those official stats are grossly underreported.)


Oh please, this is baby stuff, try rush hour traffic in Bangalore …


Would be interesting to implement path-following on multiple intersecting paths,

and mutual avoidance for everyone and see what emerges…


There’s some principal in city and traffic planning that describes that car traffic under 25mph actually moves as safely and efficiently as possible without any interventions or organization. Interventions actually make it less safe.
This explains the magic roundabout.


I’m truly digging that music. What is it, the Ethiopian Southern Culture on the Skids?


I seem to remember Place de la Concorde in Paris ~35 years ago being not dissimilar.

Also, Italian town squares.


Hanoi is the craziest I’ve experienced personally. All those scooters…

There’s a couple of entrances/exits that are permanently closed now so it’s maybe not as bad as it used to be. The roundabout around the Arc de Triomphe is still barely controlled chaos though. It’s dizzying when viewed from above, and tight-sphincter time taking a bike through it.


From someone who actually lived, drove (and survived) in Addis for 3 years until early 2014: a) this video is at least 4 - 5 years old, when I was there there was tons of construction going on for a light rail system (which I understand is done now), during construction the most fun part were huge, uncovered, unsigned holes in the road. Big enough to swallow one of those 30 year old Lada-based taxis. b) This must have been a very slow day, usually it was much worse back then.

Oh, and I now live in Hanoi, thanks for that video Doop! :wink:


Heavy traffic is easy without a certain percentage of self-entitled assholes who don’t care about zippering.


They also have a very high road death rate and here for comparison.


The video is sped up at least 3x (and maybe even 4x). What we would see if we saw it at actual speed is cars timidly creeping into the intersections at 15-20 mph at most, instead of the grand high-speed intermingling we see in the video.


Sounds like the music you use when you can’t afford the Benny Hill theme


Music is Loquillo - Quiero Un Camion.


Yes, first time I visited Mumbai I watched a putput get to an intersection in the middle of the lane and turn sharp left. Then I realised everybody was doing it…traffic flowed slowly, lots of horn signalling, but it sort of worked. Basically it was like a motorised (and bullock cart, and bicycle) version of a busy pedestrian street.