Convoy, CW McCall




Originally a snippet from a TV commercial, it was adapted into the full length song and then into the movie (there’s a movie version and non-movie version of the song).


Oh, man, I used to sit in front of my record player and listen to this over and over as a kid… still have the 45 somewhere…


Fun fact. One of the guys who wrote the song went on to do Christmas music. Called his band Mannheim Steamroller I think.


I had an LP of trucker songs that I loved as a kid – Convoy was my fave (along with Teddy Bear (Red Sovine song) (ooo, and Phantom 309 by Red Sovine).
I have an old girlfriend whose AOL username was redsovine – surprised that I didn’t marry her.


Amen… my classmates and I in 4th grade LOVED this song with all our hearts. It was right there with Band on the Run. I too probably have the 45 somewhere.


Chip Davis. Mannheim Steamroller started out doing “eclectic” music. Good, though highly derivative of just about everybody who came before. Then they discovered the lucrative world of formula holiday tunes and they’ve never looked back.


The internet is currently short one mash-up of this, with The Fall’s I’m Into C.B.


… come to think of it, I was hooked on The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald, as well… must be something about the deep voices…


Our family used to go on camping trips with other families, and we’d all tow our pop-up camper trailers behind cars and vans, in a convoy, out to the hills, plotting rest stops and detours by CB. This song was always in mind during those trips. Never busted through a toll gate, doing 98, however…


I met the guy who wrote the song. He was an advertising guy in Omaha (the shout out at the end was for the town). He had a series of bread commercials that was also a big hit.
He came to my dad’s “Businessman’s Breakfast Club” and talked about his Mavis commercials and the start of the song.


I recommend the movie, too.


I have heard that it isn’t Peckinpah’s best work.


I was about 7 when this was really popular and looking back I think maybe this was the first song I recognized that had an actual narrative thread. The thing was I didnt understand all the words and wanted to know them. Somehow I came across one of those dime store books on “CB talk” that became popular around this time and from there I understood the words I didnt know. This made me realize that some jobs or maybe groups of people used these kind of “code words” as part of their life and that was really a revelation to little me.

EDIT: it also occurs to me that this song might be even more awesome if sung by Elwood Blues.


I was just talking with someone about “remember the CB craze?” Had an aunt with one of those paneled station wagons and a CB inside.

and for a bonus, I’ll just put this here. Enjoy.


oh, wow, I had no idea it was him. it’s very much B-movie quality. but it captured me nonetheless.


Yeah, I knew about Chip Davis. Was trying to make a joke about how Bill Fries (C.W. McCall) dropped off the music radar, but Chip Davis kept going and made some money with the Christmas albums…


Tonight is chorus rehearsal, and now I’ve got two earworms crowding out Mozart. Thanks, BB!


Listen to the music. It is Chip Davis and what became Mannheim Steamroller.


Ah, Mozart!


Because here everything goes
backwards. People walk backwards,
dance backwards, sing backwards, and
talk backwards.


That’s stupid.


Why? People fart backwards.


Do you think that’s funny?


Yes, I think it’s brilliant. You’ve
been doing it for years.

He gives a high pitched giggle.


Oh, ha, ha, ha.


Sra-I’m-sick! Sra-I’m sick!


Yes, you are. You’re very sick.


No, no. Say it backwards, shit-wit.
Sra-I’m-sick Say it backwards!

 (working it out)

Sra-I’m-sick. Sick - kiss I’m - my
Kiss my! Sra-I’m-sick - Kiss my arse!


Em iram! Em iram!


No, I’m not playing this game.


No, this is serious. Say it backwards.




Just say it - you’ll see. It’s very
serious. Em iram! Em iram!


Iram - marry Em - marry me! No, no!
You’re a fiend. I’m not going to
marry a fiend. A dirty fiend at that.




Tub - but i-tub - but I vol - love
but I love ui - You. I love you!

ecomes suddenly softer. She kisses him. They
hen he spoils it.


Tish-I’m tee. What’s that?










Eat my - ah!