Mannheim Steamroller Christmas, a freaked-out ambient tape loop remix


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Lovely and all but as someone who spent a lot of time and money in my youth trying to squeeze every last bit of fidelity out of the medium, it’s painful to see tape being treated like that :wink:


So… much…better.


Personally, I’m listening to this:


I heard the scratch and pop of old vinyl records, and yet I see no vinyl.


Lovely. Thanks again.


Either it’s the crinkles in the tape, or too many pickups feeling the Earth’s magnetic field.


I’d never heard of Mannheim Steamroller. Are they mainly an American phenomena?


Back in the 80’s and 90’s they were a unique sounding new age coffee house band and a moderately successful Christmas tradition, but since then they’ve, ah, lost steam.


Ahhh that toy-robot-pencil-capstan sound! I can identify it blindfolded. It adds layers of harmonic warmth.


They are still at it. I saw them at Strathmore a couple weeks ago. Bombastic but cheerful delivery of Xmas standards, all upstaged by visual and light effects.


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