Cookie Monster found OD'd in idling car, charged with child endangerment

All downhill from here. Oxycontin related?

That’s just confusing unless she works as some kind of mascot or the Halloween bin was the closest thing she could find.

That’s why I think the endangerment charges should come along with the max penalty. Poor kid.

The only good things about this article. Not sure who the adult was, but at least they had the sense to call 911. And that nobody died and the kid isn’t physically hurt.

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It might also save the kid’s life.


Couldn’t there be a way to protect the child without destroying her mom’s life?

The mom’s life is already a trainwreck. That ship has sailed. Hopefully she gets the help she needs and can take back custody of her kid.

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Fake news: not in Florida.

Would it have been better to OD right in front of her kid, with no one to care for her? That would be better somehow?

We DO need to treat drug abuse like this as what it is, a public health issue, not a criminal one.


Or throw her into a foster care system that screws up her life, too.


I was thinking more along the lines of walking to a neighbor’s house, or calling someone to come over.

I am absolutely with you on this. I’m sure the fear of prosecution, losing her daughter, or some other punitive response factored into her decision–along with who knows how many others every day.


Both would have been a better option, but she might have lived in an isolated area, had a short amount of time, no phone, or her phone was out of power…

Yep. We need to completely transform our criminal justice system as well, along the lines of Norway, personally.


i would buy a book of your one-line replies

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I deal with ODs often in my work (homeless shelter). There isn’t generally a period of ‘this isn’t going well’ and rational decision making when they happen. Usually people just drop right after or during using.

Addiction is a mental illness that we as a society have completely fucked up on dealing with in a rational, useful way. No doubt this woman will go to prison and/or lose access to her child (which probably should happen at least until/unless she gets clean).


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