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Congrats! Those iced almond cakes at the back look delish!


Chelsea buns. They were delicious.



Did you cross post this in the victory thread? Because that is


I did not.


Normal people eat the Easter bunny ears first:

Not normal people forgo the chocolate bunny for the real thing:

Happy Easter, Passover, belated solstice, nothing, or anything, everyone!

A healthy 3-foot-long rabbit dies on United Airlines

Just attempted to make halvah, using this recipe, I’ll let you know if it turns out in a few hours after it has cooled.


Please do: I love halvah!


My brother-in-law liked to refer to halvah as “wall mortar”, so I didn’t have high hopes when I tried it for the first time. But I had the good fortune to try some nearly fresh and loved it. I guess it’s one of those things where when it’s good, it’s realky good, while horrible renditions also exist?


I’m not sure about how quickly sesame seeds go rancid once they’re ground (into oil or tahini), but that would be my guess: if your only exposure was to halvah that had been made in another country and then shipped over, well, it probably would be dried out and not particularly tasty.


The 133rd st Manhattan Fairway used to have wrapped fresh halvah slices the size of a thick bread loaf slice. Dark chocolate covered. I used to rummage the whole pile to find the ends. It was fantastic, a different animal than the OK candy bar type.

We had the family of my daughter’s best friend over for brunch today. They’re Uzbek, and brought over a pile of fresh made Samsa, little beef pies made with fila type pastry dough. OMG.


I gotta try this! we always have to go to Turkey and bring it back in huge blocks. It is my favorite breakfast food besides rose jam.


oh gosh I’ve never had the chocolate covered kind, that sounds amazing


Not true - it lasts a very long time and we have many blocks in pur fridge. The main issue is with leaving it out when it’s warm, and then it gets ■■■■■ and never regains its texture.


It’s a rare sweet that is ruined by dark chocolate! My wife made this morning her usual banana chocolate chip muffins. She claims they’re relatively healthy. BJ’s sell big bags of Ghiradelli chips, a good compromise of quality and price. That same Fairway had Belgian and other European chips, but they were pretty pricey.


Does anyone here have experience with cocoa nibs?

I was soaking some in vodka to make, like, a chocolate extract type flavor. I know not to expect it to be sweet, but it has a really funky smell. Like, almost a green olive kind of deal, kind of vinegar, kind of vegetal.

The flavor is intense bitter chocolate, which is maybe sort of what I’m going for, but the smell is just so weird I can’t get past it. I can’t tell if it’s because I used raw cacao nibs and I should have toasted them, or if it’s because my nibs went bad. They smelled fine while they were dry in their bag


Everything I know about chocolate processing comes from Michael Pollan’s Cooked. There the nibs are fermented and then roasted. Truly raw is not edible far as I understand.


interesting. they are marketed as “raw cacao nibs”, which I guess is because some people think that’s going to be super healthy. I should try roasting a batch and see how it’s different


The recipe was very sweet. I had cut down the sugar and it was still too sweet. Texture was pretty good though.


Some one can share a good tried and tested grilled fish recipe.