Cool old cigar box art: Moonshine Crooks


I would love to try one to see if they’re “still” the best cigar on the market, but I suspect any I could find would be pretty stale. Still probably better than the Swisher Sweets that were, I’m ashamed to say, once a daily habit for me.

I wonder how modern the concept of “sarcasm quotes” is? So many of these old ads use quotes for emphasis, which makes them look so weird today. Heck, there are still places that have not caught on and still offer “fresh” fish or the like.

Any box depicting the NRA Blue Eagle dates between mid 1933 and mid 1935

The OED has examples of the phrase “scare quotes”, which I think of as being analogous to “sarcasm quotes”, going back to 1956, so it was probably a term in use before that. Although, as you note, people “still” use quotes sometimes just for emphasis.

I want someone to do a comic book series about moonshine crooks.

I want to find the long-lost 16mm prints of animated shorts that the Fleischer studio made of Moonshine Crooks. is a webcomic about moonshine crooks, but it seems to be on hiatus.

I want someone to do a comic book series about moonshine crooks.

Probably not what you had in mind, but that’s a cue for “Snuffy Smith”.

I don’t care about cigars. But ye gods, I miss cigar boxes.

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