Cop colleagues of convicted rapist and murderer convicted over "grossly racist, sexist, misogynistic" messages shared with him

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All cops are crap human beings, on a scale of just a bit shitty, to should be dropped into a volcano post haste.





It’s disconcerting that the things they wrote in a group chat are crimes

We sometimes think that other democracies have freedom of speech because we have it, but many of them don’t. For example, the UK.

I hope I am not misinterpreting your comment. It seems to imply that these people should have been free to say these things.
To be clear, they were free to say them (though it is debatable whether a member of the public saying similar things would have got a visit from plod). But as serving police officers there are consequences, as there fucking well should be!


“Struggle snuggle” is a punchline that British comedian Jimmy Carr uses to describe date rape. He is one of those comedians who can tread into those waters because he makes himself the butt of the jokes, which otherwise would be wrong on every level. It’s that sort of edgy comedy that Sarah Silverman was so good at. These cops should be terminated and resigned to sanitary details, like clearing out fat burgs from the London sewers.

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Except when he is being transphobic, because he has never made any serious claim to be transgender.

He’s just using the same excuses that Roy Chubby Brown and Bernard Manning were using in the 80s and 90s, and we thought it was bullshit back then too.


My model, coming from American culture on free speech, is that there definitely should be professional consequences and they should not be cops, but that purely texting about these things should not be criminal.
The “struggle snuggle” is apparently a description of a thing that actually happened, so it’s really odd to me that this is the one that got acquitted… Really sounds like he’s confessing to sexual assault.


One would hope that, now that this is public, the 15 y.o. Victim might come forward to press charges. Acquittal of making lewd text messages is mighty different than a victim coming forward with accusations of sexual assault.

But I would also understand why she would be afraid to. Who would investigate it and bring charges in the UK? In the US the only way to assure independence would be to report it to the feds.


I don’t agree with what they said. I was just pointing out that the First Amendment doesn’t extend to the UK.

That means that the government CAN pass laws abridging the freedom of speech.

And they intend to.

We do have freedom of speech in other countries. What we don’t have is unrestricted freedom of speech (or fundamentalist freedom of speech as I like to call it). And that’s a good thing.


To be fair, neither do we. Some just like to pretend like we do so they can get away with promoting terrorism.


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