Cop fired after pointing gun at ex-wife's new husband


Uh, no I’d probably have the cops called on me and arrested for brandishing or something else.


Only if the ex wife is seeing a white guy.


.357 sig is a caliber for all the non-gun folks out there.
(yes, I understand that this point has already been made, but this will help with the confusion)


Because escalation is the best way to handle a police officer pointing a gun at your head? WTF.


Threaten a white adult with death (still a horrible crime), get fired.

Murder a black kid in cold blood, go back to work.

  • think about the lesson we’re giving cops…


I feel like we have a miscommunication here.

I am saying this guy is getting off so far with a “you shouldn’t have done that” and got fired.

If you or I had threatened someone with a weapon, I think our repercussions would be more than “oh, you shouldn’t have done that” and maybe lose our jobs. I think we would have at the minimum been arrested, with the possibility of one of various number of charges applied to us.

My point is once again cops get a special treatment that us “civilians” can only dream about. Some animals are more special.



Unfortunately, usually the “logic” is, “You don’t get to be with anyone else.” topped up with some, “I will punish you and everyone you associate with.”

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