Cop fired after pointing gun at ex-wife's new husband

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The detectives said [Cpl. Edward J.] Huwalt resumed calling Knupp “pedophile,” “pervert” and other derogatory names.

If she’s under 18 I can see why he’s upset, except that she’s his ex-wife so wait, what?


I am trying to wrap my head around some of the details here.

Huwalt is a 61 yr old cop who has 10 children with Tanya. They divorce in 2014 and she begins dating Knupp.

Huwalt pulls Knupp over and calls him a pedophile when Knupp was dropping off “a teenager” at work.

Well, who is the teenager? Is it one of the Huwalt children? Was it some random kid he was giving a lift too? This is confusing as all get out.

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Just waiting for the police union to get him his job back.


Fired? That’s it? Not thrown in jail for threatening murder? Color me shocked.


He’s been charged with crimes that will, if convicted of them, get time.


Indeed. Just replace “cop” in this story with … just about anybody else, and they’d be in jail on charges post-haste (and also probably fired).

Well, it WAS a crime of passion. Plus, he had only a few more months til retirement. Plus, really who among us hasn’t done exactly this? Aren’t we ALL a little insane? I know I am…


Somehow I doubt that the gun was a .357 Magnum, if only because SIG doesn’t make .357 Magnum handguns.

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I wonder if the cop secretly hoped his ex-wife would be overcome with emotion at the gesture and tearfully beg him to take her back. “I didn’t know how much you really CARED, you big goofy gun-wielding maniac!”


Isn’t that a little harsh? Can’t they just suspend him with pay? /s. Oh wait, he is 61. unless they took his pension this is the ultimate suspension with pay.


So did he hit him or was his aim off?


You’re right, but it’s hard to even say .357 without the magnum, much less understand there is a non magnum .357 round used in a sig model.

Police, police, police and thieves (oh yeah)
Scaring the nation with their
Guns and ammunition


Good. He should be. And more. I couldn’t just walk away if I threatened someone like that.

And to nitpick:

It isn’t a magnum. The .357 magnum is a well known, popular caliber in revolvers. A few years ago to confuse people Sig Saur made a .357 Sig, which is a round made for semiautomatics. They were trying to make a more powerful round in a smaller package, but it suffers from being hard to control recoil than a 9mm. Sig made a big push to get it popular with cops, though.



Yeah, there’s “fired” and then there’s “police fired”.

The latter means that some review board staffed with cops or their sympathetic cohorts gives you your job back WITH PAY after letting the outrage die down over this kind of criminal behavior.

Case near my parents just yesterday where a cop pulled over a girl for DUI, only gave her a warning, then met her for sex the next day. He was fired for abusing his authority and now is petitioning for his job back.

Because FYTW, citizen.


We had a cop fired by the Police Chief (should that be capitalized?) in a nearby town who got his job back against the protests of the Chief and most of the department. He has a long history of being a problem but the police unions are strong.
Is it just me or is it odd that people who hate the unions (GOP) are also the ones who support the police the most?


Why not? Would you verbally dress him down with the old chestnut about sticks/stones?

I hope he kept saying “I’m too old for this shit”.


The timeline is slightly different:

The detectives said the Huwalts divorced in 2012, but the couple, who have 10 children, were still living together in August 2014. According to the affidavit, Tanya Huwalt told Huwalt that she was dating Knupp on Feb. 14, 2014, and the next day co-workers told Knupp that Huwalt was overheard making threats.

That’s a high drama life right there; living with your crazy ex + 10 kids and dating someone else.