Cop pulls over rally team


This is awesome. Drivers of colour, driving lambos.


Most Canadian thing ever. LOL


The cop refers to a Corvette ZR1 as a ZeeR1. I call imposter.


Awesome! What a great video. :slight_smile:

Even I have found myself doing that lately (Zee vs Zed), despite growing up with Zed as the default. I think it has to do with the extreme amount of US-centric media content I hear all the time, it’s caused me to adjust my speaking somewhat (and not just for Z!).

Written, though, is different. I can’t stand seeing words with all those missing u’s (colour, armour, etc)!


I hear you, ourenwolf.:wink:

I almost always put in the u to respect my heritage, not because I think it improves the word, but in some discussions with Americans I’ve dropped the u so as not to be distractingly quaint. (I save the u’s to use in texting.)

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