Cop pulls over, warns black man for driving 65 mph in a 70 mph zone

Seems to be a problem with Boingboing and videos - they’re either not there, or they are, but they don’t play. This is a consistent problem.

I’m guessing this was on I-40 heading from Raleigh to Wlimington. 70mph is the limit, with slower traffic traveling 75. Left lane traffic typically flows at +80mph.

Yes this is a heavily patrolled area due to I-40 dropping to 65 as you approach Raleigh.

Not saying any of this makes it right, just adding context for the area.


$HERSELF: “Somebody’s got WAY too much time on their hands.”

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Cops know that everyone is already driving a few miles over the limit, except I have a friend who was pulled over for driving 5 miles over the limit, and he pointed out “hey I’m going the same speed as everyone else?” and the cop just said “so you admit you were driving over the limit, like everyone else?”

You can’t win.


Our communities need social workers, not armed, racist thugs.


I’m not a huge fan of Jay-Z (he’s OK), but that is one of the most brilliant verses in all of hip hop, IMO.


With my white privilege either this doesn’t happen or when it does I go: “This is bullshit!”, “I’m going to report you! Let me write down your badge number.” … Or I don’t roll down the window more than 1 centimeter, stare forward and don’t say a word to the officer. That technique is weirdly common with white people, there are dozens of YouTube videos of black men trying it and it not working out so well.

That’s not to say that cops are total doormats for white people. It’s just that there are different standards for different races (intersectionality shows even worse problems) which is why we’re all mad as hell right now. My cousin found out if you spit at them they stop being nice and start beating you.


Breaking the law is illegal, bust 'em. Obeying the law is suspicious, bust 'em. ACAB in a nutshell. And no, this practice is not uncommon at all.


“Racism Is Not Getting Worse, It’s Getting Filmed” - Will Smith

the thing is, how much film do you have to see before politicians say “well duh something needs to radically change” or like trump’s daily, endless lies, people just adapt and get used to seeing it?

this is america, people should be able to swamp every damn corrupt police department with lawsuits, stop protecting bad behavior and problem solved but the right will never allow that, they want their state-sponsored-thugs


This is a thing. A few years ago Mrs Peas and I traveled from New York down the Shenandoah Valley to Asheville, NC. At the car rental place I begged them for plates from any state other than NY. No telling how it would have gone otherwise, but the Massachusetts plates gave us safe passage.


As someone who had done more than my share of Chicago-to-East-Coast (and back) drives over the years, even if you hadn’t said “Ohio” I would have known you were talking about Ohio.


My favorite from that track:

If you grew up with holes in your zapatos you’d be celebrating the minute you was having’ dough.


“Why-oh-why-o did I leave Ohio?”

Mainly because I hate the cold & snow, but the small-minded bigotry had a lot to do with it too.


Another good thread to post this story:


And I have a rock that keeps away tigers (as you can see, no tigers here.)

You were probably just lucky.

Or maybe they thought “TAXachusettts? These poor folks got it bad enough already.”


Sounds like the basis of an updated version of this song (I Can’t Drive 55).


Only slightly. Had a friend in college who used to get pulled over frequently, when sometimes they wouldn’t even mention why. (Sometimes it was a “broken tail light”, which was weirdly functioning when she checked later)

Relatively new car. Not blaring music, well dressed (she literally worked at Abercrombie). She was weirdly chipper about it, “sorry guys I’m late for the movie, got pulled over for a DWB”.

Rich town full of entitled assholes, if you’re wondering.

Have heard this, that you should drive the speed limit or just slightly over to avoid getting pulled over.


Yeah, probably, but as the son of a a retired racist midwestern cop whom I heard, numerous times, call out NY plates as if the car was filled with Satanists (a very bad thing in his eyes), I’m still going to err on the side of caution.


Nope, he doesn’t need to know where you’ve been, where you’re going, who you work for, your favorite hobbit, or anything else not germane to the stop. You’re not obligated to “make conversation.”

I’m awed at his icy, calm, pushback in the face of repeated attempts to trip him up.