Speeding driver argues with cops, ends up in Hannibal Lector style wheelchair (video)

Originally published at: Traffic Stop Escalation Caught on Police Bodycam

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Lawyer Wife has taught me one key rule when dealing with cops and traffic stops. Don’t argue with them about anything. Simply say yes, no, and give them whatever documents they ask for. Take the ticket, and go on your way. If you want to fight it, you get a court date.

Also can’t view the video from work laptop, is this guy a Florida Man?


ACAB but sometimes the people they pull over are also bastards. I’m not a big fan, though, of the multiple times they had this guy on the ground face down and held him down with a knee between the shoulder blades. We know this is a dangerous position, especially if the person is under the influence of some narcotics that could impair their breathing. And while we don’t know if this guy was on something, it would explain is behavior. The deputies said he was trying to run away. I didn’t see that. I saw someone trying the toddler approach of just flopping down and acting like a puddle of jelly. They could have just left him lying on the ground until backup got there. I don’t think he was going anywhere.

I’m not sure, but the LEOs introduced themselves initially as being with the Monroe County Sheriff’s department, and you can see a Jimmy Johnson’s Big Chill in the background. There is one of those restaurants in Key Largo, which is in Monroe County, so I think this is Florida.


I’m getting a sovereign citizen vibe.


Another event in the Florida Man competition. :man_shrugging:


Yeah the detail in the magic spell of “I stopped when I saw a cop car, you did not stop me” bullshit.


Yeah and he contradicted that later when he slipped up and admitted the deputy did pull him over. He started to say, “I stopped when you pu…” and then he seemed to realize what he was saying. Whether this guy is under the influence, or just a really confused sov cit, he’s definitely in the wrong here. I still don’t like some of the actions of the deputies.


That’s an excellent future ad for Izod underwear!

Not liking what the cops are doing is just being a normal human being.
Definitely two wrongs in this particular situation.

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I knew there had to be a Hannibal Lectern somewhere…

Thank you for properly using the word lectern instead of podium.

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