Cop punches young woman in the head for underage drinking on the beach

Some official (The mayor, maybe?) was on NBC Nightly tonight. I don’t know if he said it or the reporter-- honestly I was only half paying attention, but someone is alleging that the woman in the video kicked a cop in the crotch and spit on him prior to what is seen in the video.


This is not okay.



Why do you wish to rebroadcast pro-cop spin? What is it about present-day America that makes you think this is a good thing to do?


In other news, Boing Boing headline understates issue.


What if that is, in fact, a truthful accounting of the facts? Would it be worth repressing in your view?


Don’t They already?



I must have missed the press release where cops announced their new descalation technique: punching teenagers in the head repeatedly.


Oh, I’m so glad you told me it was spin. For a minute there I was considering it might have been true!

so what you are saying is that an armed, trained adult professional man has the responsibility and authority to retaliate physically, with blows and a body tackle, when a 20 year old mother that he believes to be intoxicated, spits at him?

And also, someone else is here to stir the pot, but not you?

Interesting propositions, not believable for a second.


Yes New Jersey, you’re fucked up.


Here’s a relevant link:

Or this one:


Horrifying, right? Charged with the crime of being powerless.


The Good German…and now, are we becoming Good Americans as black people are executed in the streets with impunity? Brown families are ripped apart and ICE is supported by family value christians and Good Americans know this. Our substitute swastika, the stars and bars is still often seen and the private prison system here has a higher percentage of citizens behind bars than any other developed country. The shameful thing for me is that there are so many fronts I feel should be resisted I don’t even know how to start. I want to be a good human being but where do I do to engage the enemy? Sending money to causes hardly seems adequate and I’m willing to lose blood for the rights of people but I’m not willing to blindly throw my life away. Old people like me should be fighting this. Our lives are limited anyway and it would be better to fight and resist for the future generations. I fear this nation has gone too far for reasonable responses to be effective anymore. Damn it


Step 1: Organise.

Exactly who you organise with is a different matter. But there are a wide variety of organisations doing productive work, and there is probably something within reach of you that aligns with your goals.

There are DSA chapters pretty much everywhere, and they provide a good stepping stone to other organisations. Ditto for the Berniecrat/Our Revolution crew, if you prefer something a little less socialist. And there are heaps of grassroots organisations doing hands-on community support work; check with your local anarchists to find these.

There’s room for everyone. If you can’t handle a street protest, you can handle the mail. If you’re strongly pacifist, there’s a need for medics. If you’re smart, they need brains. If you’re strong, they need that too.

There is room for everyone, and everyone is needed. Not everyone can do everything, but everyone can do something. By helping out you help us all.


Well, it was a low melanin area, so the cops feared for their lives a little less.


Why can’t they just leave it at that. Not mentioning “rushing to judgement” is not in any way rushing to judgement, and specifically mentioning a lack of judgement serves to imply all sorts of narratives other than the one plain before our senses.


Well, we obviously need many weeks of careful investigation here.

As opposed to the seconds of deliberation involved in the decision to hand out a summary punishment for the “crime” of contempt of cop. Said punishment being in the form of the brutal beating of a young mother in the presence of her child.

Yes. Which is why they do it.


What if it was? Does that make punching her in the head repeatedly after she was already down necessary, just, or reasonable?

Criticizing someone for repeating irrelevant justification on the part of officials doesn’t seem to me to be a form of “repression”.


You almost sound disappointed

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According to the article below, Wildwood police wear body cams. If that’s true, they can release the body cam footage to prove it. If they don’t have the body cam footage, that is very solid evidence that they’re lying.