Cop who killed Samuel DuBose during traffic stop has been indicted for murder


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Contempt of cop is the number one crime in America.

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Ach, he’s no true Scotsman police officer.


here’s the quote from prosecutor joe deters that got to me-- “This office has probably reviewed upwards of 100 police shootings,” Deters said, “and this is the first time where we thought this is without question a murder.”

upwards of 100. this is the first. that’s so hard for me to believe that over 100 shootings and they were all above board. that video must be antimatter.


Until you sort this out - I’m not visiting.


it’s always been one of my favorite crimes.


So you show a nice smiling work pic of the white killer, but an unrelated mugshot of the black victim? Nice perpetuation of bias.


"This does not happen in the United States,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.

Yes, it does, Mr. Deters. Yes, it does.


Lol, yeah that’s boingboing’s angle on Everything alright, always perpetuating bias on the side of cops.
Welcome to the site btw, read around a bit & see what else you can find to complain about.


So because a site has a record of being on the right side on certain things, I’m a newbie ass for pointing out that they might not have made the best decision here? Alrighty.


Please provide the picture you think should have been used.


Being on the right side of stuff doesn’t mean you can’t get it wrong sometimes. @chris24net is totally right here, and boingobing really often screws up in careless ways with its headlines, images, and the like. A little more care should be spent, and because boingboing presumably IS on the right side, it’s not unreasonable to ask for it and expect to see it.


Hey now, no one called anybody any names.


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If you bothered to click through to the linked article, you’d see that the image was from the original article. This is a common practice and does not necessarily imply any editorial intent on the part of the person who reposts the photo. If the choice of photo is offensive to you, complain to the NY Daily News site.


I mean, yes, and I don’t think ANYBODY would suggest that Mark’s intentions were bad here. But this is an example of unconsciously perpetuating bias, regardless of where the pictures originally came from. It might take an additional Google search to find, for example, this picture, but it seems like it would be a worthwhile use of a few extra seconds on future stories.

Dubose photo in the Guardian


here’s a better pic to replace the in uniform pic.
link to pic (new user so i cant post pics yet)


I’d rather see it as an unintended culturejam.


This does not happen in the United States,” said Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters.… while talking about a crime that happened in the United States.


I don’t think that’s fair. He said the man never should’ve been a police officer. I think that’s a fair statement and maybe the start to acknowledging there’s a problem with the hiring practices of law enforcement agencies.