Cop who shot neighbor in his own apartment indicted with murder


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Feckin finally!


Now an actual conviction would be even better.


I’m still gobsmacked that the special legal protections many LEOs enjoy, such as being able to review police evidence against them before being interviewed, haven’t been struck down under the the Equal Protection clause.



In Texas, if she’s tried for murder, but the jury doesn’t find her guilty can she still be found guilty of manslaughter?


That will be the truly important part. I feel like the police has fucked up royally since day 1, likely on purpose, and i’m pessimistic a conviction will happen. I truly do hope justice prevails for the murdered man and his family


He was black. And the cops claim to have found a small amount of pot in his apartment. They searched his apartment long before they searched hers. I will be shocked if she is convicted. I will also be shocked if the defense does not come down to “he was no angel.” (Although to hear the community tell it, it sounds like he kinda was…)


It would depend on what exactly happens at trial, but in general, the answer is yes.


Pendant warning: You are “indicted for” or “charged with” a crime (or “indicted with a charge of”)


I have more faith in 12 randos than I do in the average prosecutor, and yet a prosecutor appears to have pulled through (after a while, under pressure, etc)

I’m feeling weirdly optimistic, if optimism is in fact the correct term for thinking that possibly people won’t be allowed to just straight up murder their neighbors with no consequences


“Encountered”? Surely confronted. Or attacked.

He certainly encountered her in his apartment.


Snarky pedant warning: “pedant”


Muphry’s law


Well it’s a good start.

As my wife is fond of saying, “Progresso. Ma non tanto


Its not that public pressure changed the prosecutors mind, the election changed the prosecutor.
Dallas elected a new dem D.A. who was in favor of a murder indictment all along, which is my biggest reason for optimism


Still, some progress is better than none.


Alternatively in Canada…

“No arrests made”. Interesting how ‘arrests’ pluralized as if there may be an accomplice, variables undetermined atm.




He was loitering underneath her apartment.