Cops claim they're quitting in droves, but labor data shows they're lying

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There is nothing cops won’t lie about.


The police/slave patrol can do whatever they want, that’s what they always done.


Considering how dangerous it is to be a cop, the ride-along reporters must have a harrowing list of victims of their own.


Why would cops quit a job that pays better than average, has astoundingly good benefits, requires no oversight, and training is typically both paid for and brief?


A: obviously, they wouldn’t and aren’t. (As you obviously know.)

Follow up Q: why does the FTFNY continue to publish such obvious bullshit?
A: because it is a conservative rag and has been for 30 years, despite its nonsensical liberal rep.

  1. If cops think having accountability and not trampling over civil rights is somehow a bridge too far in the course of doing their job - fuck them. Get out of here.

  2. It would be ironic of more cops die from Covid than quit.


They’re so incredibly consistent about it, I’m honestly shocked that anyone ever takes anything they say at face value.

Someone did a whole Twitter thread about it…


They’re not quitting in larger numbers than usual, but it’s worth noting that police often quit as soon as they can collect a full pension, which in many places can be while they’re in their 40s. That translates into a lot of turnover anyway, and officers may decide to rationalize it as some kind of protest move even though, to be realistic, would have happened anyway.

There’s also the phenomenon where pension benefits can be calculated based on the earnings in most recent years, and a lot of police got a ton of overtime on crowd control during Black Lives Matters protests. Quitting now helps bake those short term higher numbers into their pensions.

Across the board that’s not a large number, and it’s true that there’s no unusual exodus overall. There may be a case here or there where someone quits to make a statement, but overall it’s all of the usual reasons – moving, injured, sick of the job, changing professions, or qualifying for the retirement package.


Where else would an ex soldier go to (keep his toys and) legally lie and murder aside from top federal positions.


I suspect that instead of quitting they are are just giving even less of a fuck about doing their actual job.

Slightly OT: who else remembers laughing at Terminator 2 when the cop/robot shows up at the kid’s mom’s house and they give you a close up of the door shield, “To protect and serve”? That was 1991. We all knew, in 1991, 30 years ago.


Wouldn’t that have been right around the time the cops fucked up rodney king?


Yes indeed


Hey, NY Times, what’s the source of your assertion that all the cops are quitting and will leave us defenseless against the forces of darkness?

A survey of about 200 police departments indicates that retirements were up by 45 percent and resignations by 18 percent in the period between April 2020 and April 2021, when compared with the preceding 12 months. The percentage of officers who left tended to be larger for departments in big or medium-size cities, according to the Police Executive Research Forum.

Oh, okay, got it.


I am looking forward to voting YES on City Question #2 in Minneapolis, to amend our city charter to no longer require a police department.

If voters approve the ballot question, the city’s charter, essentially its constitution, would be amended. The Police Department is currently a chartered organization in Minneapolis, meaning it’s required.

The amendment would replace the Police Department in the charter with a new Department of Public Safety. The new agency would take a “public health approach to safety,” according to the amendment. That agency would include licensed police officers “if necessary.”

If it passes, the Minneapolis City Council would have to create the new department from scratch. The Minneapolis Police Department would not be abolished; it would continue to exist unless the City Council voted it out of existence, but would no longer be required by the charter.

(More info at the link—a good explanation, IMO.)


They’re also into cheating and stealing… :angry:


I can almost guarantee that your second point will happen, if we ever get far enough out of the pandemic to count the numbers.

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Sept. 2020 the WAPost reported that covid was the top killer of cops. So it may well be a contributing factor.

The best part of being a kkkop is the disability pension…when a kkkop gets a bit too old and fat to effective function as a King’s Knouter, he can invent his own ache and/or pain, including imaginary PTSD for performing as a 21st Century Slave-Catcher.

Best thing is, kkkops are never really off duty.Those wonderful extendable batons don’t leave obvious marks, and can break large bones, such as tibiae and femurs, humeri and radii…the human skull cannot resist a well-applied baton thumping!


One could even argue that the smart cops figured out how dangerous it was to be around their mask-less colleagues during a pandemic and that’s the real reason they left. I mean, April 2020 - 2021: that’s a very specific time in world history.